Month: December 2014

Crafting your NYE playlist

Several years ago I went to an excellent New Years bash. One of the primary reasons it was so excellent was that our host (I shall call her Auntie, as everyone did) gave herself RSI by putting together a 12-hour long playlist, and it was intricate as hell: Auntie knew our party styles so well, she expertly matched the arc of the list with our expected moods at each stage of the night. It was a triumph of psychology and celebration. Although I don’t recommend being quite as committed as Auntie (I’m serious about the RSI; she was wearing...

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The Best of 2016 in Film & TV on DVD

It’s that time of year again, when agonising decisions need to be made – and we’re not talking about what to buy grandma for Christmas. Selecting the Top 10 DVD releases of the year in film and TV can be just as tough, so here, for the record, is STACK‘s cream of the crop for 2016. FILM SPOTLIGHT What we said: “Turning the minutiae of investigative journalism into riveting viewing, it’s not surprising that Spotlight received the 2016 Oscar for Best Picture.” MACBETH What we said: “The best cinematic version of Shakespeare’s tragedy to date – yes, even better than Polanski’s 1971 adaptation....

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