Month: November 2015

YouTubers Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee chat with STACK

Besties, roommates, YouTube sensations, and all ‘round lovely, down to earth lads Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee (ship name: Jaspar? Naw) have teamed up with the BBC to bring us Joe and Caspar Hit the Road, in stores December 2. The hilarious and humble pair have just spent seven days working around Europe, simply trying to make enough cash to survive the week. Thankfully for us they’re pretty crap at the jobs they found… which leads to some very fun viewing indeed. After some wonderfully-British chit-chat about the weather, tea and their love of Australia (yay!) we managed to...

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Review: Grimes, ‘Art Angels’

Art Angels is a masterpiece: a highly concentrated formula of pop ideas, pop reality and pop imaginings of a better pop world. Four years ago Grimes released breakthrough album Visions, itself a bold and revolutionary work that played at the intersection of music, internet culture, and fantasy. In the interim she has distilled her many influences and refined her craft even further, preparing the next move. Nothing could have prepared listeners though, for this high-definition, widescreen, multi-sensorial experience. Every song that ever made you run faster at the gym, lifted your heart before your favourite team entered the stadium,...

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