Month: December 2015

When Darth Came To Town

When an innocent trip to meet Darth Vader at a department store turned physical. It was in the British version of Myer where I first came face-to-face with Darth Vader as a 13-year-old. I can’t for the life of me remember why the Sith Lord was appearing in Debenhams, but as a Star Wars enthusiast, I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. The crowd within the department store had grown from a small congregation to a seething impatient mass within minutes. I had secured a place at the front when Darth strolled defiantly through a door and...

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The journey of a new (old) Justin Bieber fan

My name is Sally, and I’m a Belieber. There, I said it. Now, let me make this very clear – mine and Justin’s ‘relationship’ has not always been in such a positive place. In fact, it’s been a rough and bumpy ride for one of us. There have been real headaches, frustrations and many disappointments along the way. Here’s how my journey to Belieberdom has played out: It began in 2010 when my children became obsessed with his first album, My Worlds. I hated it, his music gave me a headache behind my eyes, but I continued to play...

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Review: Baroness, ‘Purple’

Um, yeah. Wow. Relentless from the first refrain, it’s not surprising that Baroness have released their fourth album just in time for end of year lists; it’s the album 2015 has been waiting for. Whereas previous effort Yellow & Green was a slow grow, the band’s promise that Purple was to be “direct and immediate” is very quickly realised. Every bit as dramatic and daring as Ghost’s Meloria but infinitely heavier, Purple will sit beside Ghost’s effort as a premium example of the progressions in power metal that 2015 produced. Purple is out now via Cooking Vinyl. Buy now...

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