Month: May 2016

Review: Kaytranada, ‘99%’

Kaytranada is the best kind of talented: he’s generous with his gifts.  For many years the Canadian super-producer has refined his signature blend of electronic music, founded in hip hop and filtered through the heaviest underground dance styles of the ’90s and new millennium. It’s a rare quality but his tracks can usually be identified instantly. They carry a special jazz-infused melodic character, rugged breaks and buzzing basslines that are unmistakable in the midst of the ever-growing beats scene. During his career Kaytranada has shared remixes of icons like Missy Elliott and Janet Jackson, collaborated with artists like Azealia...

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INTERVIEW: Marty Stratton, DOOM

The game that shaped the first-person shooter is storming into JB stores this month. Executive producer at id Software Marty Stratton talks DOOM and Mars. For a game synonymous with guns, gore and carnage, the planetary setting of Mars, named after the God of War, has always been an inspired choice. DOOM needs no introduction, and neither does the studio behind it. It’s coming back this month, dressed for battle on the 21st century gaming platforms – and yes, it’s still set on Mars. “As for returning to Mars, it was a very early decision,” says executive producer at id Software, Marty Stratton. “DOOM has always been set on or around (the moons) of Mars, so as we’ve set out to ‘reboot’ the brand with this game, it made a lot of sense to start there. It’s a great canvas that works well with the tone and themes of DOOM for a number of reasons.” With the coordinates set for the Red Planet, the team at id set about shaping the lore of the game and defining the reason for being on Mars. “The origin of our setting on Mars is that a number of decades from now, and in the midst of quite a bit of exploration within the solar system, the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) discovered a mysterious source of energy on Mars – that (once processed) is seemingly...

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