Month: June 2016

Review: Audio Technica ATH-AG1X

As a brand name, Audio Technica are synonymous with quality head gear, and their latest gaming releases are no exception. The closed-back Audio Technica ATH-AG1X is exactly what you need for a marathon online gaming session. Audio Technica’s ATH-AG1X is the perfect remedy for a loud, disruptive household, allowing for total and unparalleled immersion in whatever your game of choice may be. Block out your pets, children, partners, and focus solely on shooting Shoreline employees with Nathan Drake at your fingertips. There’s a reason you will find these at the top of the shelf. The inbuilt microphone includes a...

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Review: Dusk Shadow & Copper Shadow controllers

Feel like your boring old black Xbox One controller could do with a facelift? Microsoft have heard your pleas, and they’ve given you a couple of different choices.  The blue one is known as Dusk Shadow and the browny-gold one is Copper Shadow; admit it, they’d make a beautiful addition to your collection at home, and what better way to distinguish yourself from an opponent in a split-screen Forza 6 session than waving one of these stylish beauties in their face. The new controllers include the Impulse Triggers, letting you feel the (good) vibrations of every bullet and every...

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Review: Xbox One Chatpad

The Chatpad adapter for Xbox One controllers is a nifty little QWERTY keyboard that attaches to the bottom of the controller. It gives you effortless access to letters and symbols otherwise only accessible through several clicks of a D-pad. Now, however, you can easily input codes, reply to messages, and search for stuff without the hassle. Gone are the days of having to endlessly scroll through pages and pages of numbers and letters; Microsoft have put the answer – quite literally – at your fingertips. The adapter is nice and small, and fits snugly onto the bottom of your...

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Review: Spin the black circle AT-LP5

Paul Jones says Audio Technica’s AT-LP5 offers exceptional quality without compromising the budget. You’ve probably read somewhere about the resurgence in vinyl record sales. JB are recording considerable growth in the format and Facebook feeds are regularly filled with friends uncovering vinyl rarities at garage sales or op shops. For many of course, it has always remained important, but it wasn’t that long ago that people were lobbing their ‘worthless’ record collections into the skip. While this nascent revival has been aligned with inner city pogonotrophy enthusiasts by the media, the allure of vinyl is extensive and thus the...

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Review: Grimsby

Release Date:  22 June 2016 Format:  DVD Blu-ray Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, Mark Stron A new Sacha Baron Cohen movie guarantees at least one thing – people are going to be offended.     In the case of this cracker it starts at the title, with the small British town of Grimsby incensed at the main character here, Nobby. He’s a boozy, football-loving Liam Gallagher-alike with 11 kids and a well super-fit girlfriend (Rebel Wilson). He also has a brother – somewhere. Separated when they were young, Nobby hasn’t stopped searching for Sebastian (Mark Strong). Upon getting a...

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