Month: July 2016

Ball Park Music rips up Splendour, sells out shows

Absolutely wowing audiences at this year’s Splendour in the Grass with a stripped version of fan-fave It’s Nice To Be Alive, the group are ready to embark on their national tour in celebration of new album Every Night The Same Dream. The group recently announced they have (unsurprisingly) sold out Brisbane and Melbourne appearances, but never fear – they’ve added more. You can now check out Ball Park Music at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, or at a second show at the Triffid in Brizzy. Tickets are on sale now at Shows are as below >> Saturday 3 September –...

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Review: The Brave, ‘Epoch’

Something new from an old friend you’ve never met before. I googled Epoch, I’ll admit it (and save you the time of doing it yourself). It means a defining moment in a person’s life or a significant mark in history. Fitting, right? Brisbane hardcore cats The Brave hope to achieve exactly that with their debut album. Lead single Searchlights epitomises the credo of the band, which is to provoke thought through strong sound. The track builds through its brooding vocal and thick, distorted guitar riffs until it reaches a brutal climax. Dreamless – featuring Marcus Bridge – is a perfect...

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Review: Alex Lloyd, ‘Acoustica’

It’s beautiful, but do we really need another cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah? That’s the only misfire on Alex Lloyd’s new album, which heralds the return of Liberation’s acoustic series.  Lloyd is a quality songwriter and his tracks shine in this strippedback format. Opening with an intricate but intimate version of Amazing, he has reinvented his hits with clever arrangements – check out the Beatlesque strings in Coming Home. With titles such as Amazing, Never Meant To Fail, Green and Beautiful, this is essentially an acoustic Best Of. Of Lloyd’s six albums, only 2008’s Good In The Face Of A Stranger goes unrepresented. Acoustica available August 5 via...

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Independence Day 2: Resurgence review

This sequel to the 1996 alien invasion epic doesn’t disappoint, because it delivers exactly what you expect. A Roland Emmerich film is like a super-sized serving of your favourite junk food, with ample lashings of corn and cheese. It goes down a treat and you feel guilty about how much you enjoyed it. This follow-up to his 1996 alien invasion epic doesn’t disappoint, because it delivers exactly what you expect. It also satisfies the criteria for a good sequel – repurposing what was great about the first film to serve a new story, and setting up a franchise in the process. And yes, there is a gag involving...

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