Month: August 2016

Shameless seventh season

The US remake of the UK comedy Shameless is proving to be as enduring as its British parent. Showtime has just issued a trailer for the seventh season of the rude and lewd family saga, which will air in the US in October (hopefully we won’t be too far behind). The original Shameless ran for 11 seasons from 2004 to 2013, so the American show still has some ground to cover. However, unlike its parent, the Showtime version has retained virtually all of its leading cast members – David Threwfall was the only UK cast member to stay distance,...

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Early Sam Smith recordings to be reissued?

A UK indie label is readying the release of Sam Smith Diva Boy, an album of material recorded by the English popstar in his pre-fame days. The first song to be released is Momentary Mine – which was recorded in 2008 – with the album due to be released sometime in September. According to the London-based Flipbook Music, Smith spent three years with the label “where his talent was nurtured and developed”. During this period, the company says that Smith not only recorded his “first” album, but his journey was documented on film for the documentary Sam Smith: The Lost Years. There...

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All-star cast for new James Franco film

James Franco has assembled an impressive ensemble for this latest directorial effort, In Dubious Battle, a trailer for which has just been released. Based on the 1936 novel by John Steinbeck, the film tells the story of a group of workers in California apple country who go on strike for better working conditions. As well as the director himself, the cast for In Dubious Battle includes young stars Selena Gomez – who also appeared with Franco in Springbreakers – Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) and Natt Wolff (Paper Towns), plus Bryan Cranston, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Sam...

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Q+A: Teeth & Tongue

Teeth & Tongue, AKA Jess Cornelius, is about to release her gorgeous new album titled Give Up On Your Health. Q1/ The Dianne clip is awesome, and I was trying to identify all the posters: I definitely saw Michael Hutchence, Vanilla Ice, Kylie, and the chicks from Twin Peaks. Where did you source this stuff? Thank you! There was also a really good one of Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson and the kid from Home Alone – Macaulay Culkin? – all standing together against a white studio background. The directors, Matt Cribb and Bree Carter, found all the posters, but...

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