Month: January 2017

New Steep map coming February 10

Ubisoft’s open world snow sports sim is getting a significant patch in the lead-up to the new map. Steep Update 1.04 will introduce a new level of competition in the Steep Would Tour Tournament, and two new types of challenges. The Steep World Tour Tournament will be comprised of a brand new, community-wide monthly tournament series. Starting today, the first competition – Backcountry – will hold its qualifications in the cursed mountain for Skiers and Snowboarders. Players must reach 5000 points to makes it to Phase 2 – the Tournament. The best 32 from each platform will then go...

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Review: Kehlani, ‘SweetSexySavage’

It was a rocky childhood road and the heartbreaking rejection of her dream career which sculpted vocalist Kehlani, both in personality and in her understanding of soulful composition. Bound for R’n’B/ soul royalty, Kelahni’s powerful presence has hastened her into the limelight she deserves. After two highly regarded mixtapes, her debut album SweetSexySavage is coming out to play. This incredible creation encourages inner empowerment with songs of the most alluring essence. SweetSexySavage is out now via...

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War of the Worlds – For Honor

Fresh off the back of Steep, Ubisoft are throwing another new title our way. For Honor pits Vikings, Samurai and Knights (oh my!) against one another. We quizzed game director Roman Campos Oriola on where the idea came from, and what to expect from the new IP.  For Honor is a fresh new IP out of Ubisoft Montreal – a third-person action hack-and-slash game revolving around a faction war between the Vikings, Samurai and Knights. It’s basically all your childhood movie fantasies rolled into one, and the must-have gift this Valentine’s Day. Assembling all these characters in the same...

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