Month: March 2017

Beginner’s Guide: Movie Wizards

They’ll put a spell on you! Wizards are as intrinsic to the fantasy genre as noble heroes, elves and dragons, and without their magical abilities, entire realms would be overwhelmed by dark forces. When it comes to fantasy cinema, witches far outnumber wizards. However, wizards dominate two of the genre’s biggest and most popular franchises, so there’s no shortage of wand-waving, spell-casting and sorcery on the screen. WHAT TO EXPECT The common definition of a wizard as “a man who practices magic” conjures images of those who pull rabbits out of hats. As far as the fantasy genre is concerned,...

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Weekend Games Round-Up – 31/03/17

Hey friends – here’s how to spend your weekend.  Destiny Bungie have just announced Destiny 2 – better start brushing up on your skills for September. Halo 2 Why not go back to an older Bungie game? (Halo 2 is my favourite FYI). Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Out this week – some old Kingdom Hearts...

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5 tunes you gotta hear this week: 31/03/17

Get out your tune rags – Kendrick’s dropped a new track.  Kendrick Lamar, HUMBLE. Last week King Kendrick released The Heart Part Four, warning the world that something that was going to be released April 7 (new album please). We’re still a week away but in the meantime we have Humble – enjoy. Alt-J, In Cold Blood Peak Alt-J sound unlocked. There was a festival in Byron announced this week but the real Splendour is in the brass on the English trio’s new track In Cold Blood. Tired Lion, Cinderella Dracula Perth rockers Tired Lion teamed up with Violent...

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Everything you need to know about Destiny 2

Hold on to your Gjallarhorns, boys and girls – Destiny 2 is coming September 8.  It’s coming to PC That’s right – Bungie’s famous MMOFPS is making its way to PC, a move likely to make a lot of console players jump ship. The Cabal have invaded Earth As seen in the trailer, the Cabal have made landfall on Earth, and have destroyed the Tower and the Last City, led by someone called Ghaul. Bungie are holding a gameplay livestream on May 18 (which might be May 19 Down Under) The devs are streaming some gameplay that promises to show us...

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