Australian release dates for movies & TV

Want to know when the best movie and TV releases are heading in-store at JB Hi-Fi? Stay informed with STACK’s Australian release dates for movies and TV, on 4K, DVD and Blu-ray. Check back regularly for schedule updates, and please note that release dates can change without notice. Be sure to check out Australian release dates for music and Australian release dates for games.

Behind-the-scenes with the Zombieland: Double Tap cast

Here's a new behind-the-scenes clip featuring the brilliant Zombieland: Double Tap cast discussing the highly-anticipated Zombieland sequel. Director Ruben Fleischer, who’s since given us Venom, returns, as do original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who worked...

Battle at Big Rock – new Jurassic World short film

Set one year after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, when dinosaurs are now living in our world, this eight-and-a-half-minute film follows a family of five's terrifying encounter with the creatures in Big Rock National Park (the setting of the last movie)....

2040 to screen at UN Climate Summit

Footage from local filmmaker Damon Gameau's documentary feature 2040 will screen for world leaders at the official opening of the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on September 23, 2019. The full feature will also be screened for UN Climate Summit youth...

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Title Date Rating
Title Date Rating
First Prev Next Last Records per Page:
Nekrotronic 10-Sep-2019 MA15+
Ride 11-Sep-2019 MA15+
Paws P.I. 11-Sep-2019 PG
Monster Party 11-Sep-2019 R18+
Beyond The Sky 11-Sep-2019 M
Supernatural : Season 14 11-Sep-2019 MA15+
Godzilla - King Of The Monsters 11-Sep-2019 M
Godzilla - King Of The Monsters | Blu-ray + UHD 11-Sep-2019 M
Godzilla - King Of The Monsters | 3D + 2D Blu-ray 11-Sep-2019 M
Zog 18-Sep-2019 G
Peterloo 18-Sep-2019 M
Red Joan 18-Sep-2019 M
Wild Rose 18-Sep-2019 TBA
Dark Money 18-Sep-2019 M
Child's Play 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
Timeless : Season 1 18-Sep-2019 M
Supergirl : Season 4 18-Sep-2019 M
Aladdin | Live Action 18-Sep-2019 PG
Purge, The : Season 1 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
Chicago Fire : Season 7 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
Chicago P.D. : Season 6 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
WWE - Extreme Rules 2019 18-Sep-2019 M
Black Dynamite : Season 2 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
Luke Nguyen's Food Trails 18-Sep-2019 E
WWE - Becky Lynch - Man, The 18-Sep-2019 M
WWE - Miz, The - A-List Superstar 18-Sep-2019 M
John Wick - Chapter 3 - Parabellum 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
Scooby-Doo - Return To Zombie Island 18-Sep-2019 PG
Aladdin | Blu-ray + UHD : Live Action 18-Sep-2019 PG
Least Of These, The - Graham Staines Story, The 18-Sep-2019 PG
Law And Order - Special Victims Unit : Season 20 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
John Wick - Chapter 3 - Parabellum | Blu-ray + UHD 18-Sep-2019 R18+
Batman | Blu-ray + UHD : 4 Pack : 4-Film Collection 18-Sep-2019 M
Black Clover : Season 1 : Part 5 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 18-Sep-2019 M
National Geographic - Nazi Megastructures : Season 1-6 | Collection 18-Sep-2019 M
Space Battleship Tiramisu : Season 1 : Eps 1-13 | Blu-ray + Digital Copy : + Ovas 18-Sep-2019 M
John Wick / John Wick - Chapter 2 / John Wick - Chapter 3 - Parabellum | Franchise Pack 18-Sep-2019 MA15+
John Wick / John Wick - Chapter 2 / John Wick - Chapter 3 - Parabellum | Blu-ray + UHD : Franchise Pack 18-Sep-2019 R18+
Shadow 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Sunny Day 25-Sep-2019 G
Dark Phoenix 25-Sep-2019 M
Loud Krazy Love 25-Sep-2019 M
Charmed : Season 1 25-Sep-2019 M
Dark Phoenix | UHD 25-Sep-2019 M
S.W.A.T. : Season 2 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Best Of Enemies, The 25-Sep-2019 M
Here Comes The Grump 25-Sep-2019 PG
Peppa Pig - Carnival 25-Sep-2019 G
Casino | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 R18+
Mr. Mercedes : Season 2 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Hot Fuzz | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Apocalypse Now | Final Cut 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Dark Phoenix | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 M
Men In Black - International 25-Sep-2019 M
Walking Dead, The : Season 9 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
NCIS - New Orleans : Season 5 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Jojo Siwa - Sweet Celebrations 25-Sep-2019 G
World's End, The | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Shaun Of The Dead | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow : Season 4 25-Sep-2019 M
NCIS - New Orleans : Season 1-5 | Boxset 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Asterix - Secret Of The Magic Potion, The 25-Sep-2019 PG
Apocalypse Now | Blu-ray + UHD : Final Cut 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Men In Black - International | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 M
Shimmer And Shine - Flight Of The Zahracorns 25-Sep-2019 G
Evil Dead II - Dead By Dawn : Remastered | Blu-ray + UHD 25-Sep-2019 MA15+
Men In Black / Men In Black II / Men In Black 3 / Men In Black - International | Franchise Pack 25-Sep-2019 M
AFL - 2019 Premiers 29-Sep-2019 TBA
After 02-Oct-2019 M
Tolkien 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Chernobyl 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Kickboxer 02-Oct-2019 R18+
Watergate 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Cars | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Gen - Lock 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Wheel, The 02-Oct-2019 M
Brave | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Cars 2 | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Ant-Man | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
In Your Hands 02-Oct-2019 M
Wake Of Death 02-Oct-2019 M
Monster Island 02-Oct-2019 M
Art Of The Dead 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Barry : Season 2 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Inside Out | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Maleficent | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Ratatouille | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Christmas Makeover 02-Oct-2019 PG
Finding Dory | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Finding Nemo | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Score To Settle, A 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Christmas Swap, The 02-Oct-2019 PG
Surviving Christmas 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Christmas Comes Home 02-Oct-2019 PG
Doctor Strange | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Richard Says Goodbye 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Wentworth : Season 7 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Adventures Of Aladdin 02-Oct-2019 PG
Affair To Die For, An 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Christmas By The Book 02-Oct-2019 PG
Doc Martin : Season 1 02-Oct-2019 M
Knightfall : Season 2 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Majestic Christmas, A 02-Oct-2019 PG
Memories Of Christmas 02-Oct-2019 PG
No Offence : Season 3 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Snow White Christmas, A 02-Oct-2019 PG
All I Want For Christmas 02-Oct-2019 G
Christmas Coincidence, A 02-Oct-2019 PG
Field Guide To Evil, The 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Five Bedrooms : Season 1 02-Oct-2019 M
Good Dinosaur, The | UHD 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Last Christmas Home, The 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Lethal Weapon : Season 3 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Holiday Wish Come True, A 02-Oct-2019 PG
Truth About Christmas, The 02-Oct-2019 PG
Wiggles, The - Party Time! 02-Oct-2019 G
Christmas Around The Corner 02-Oct-2019 PG
Outback Truckers : Series 7 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Guardians Of The Galaxy | UHD 02-Oct-2019 M
Spotlight Under The Mistletoe 02-Oct-2019 PG
Moon Landing - Lost Tapes, The 02-Oct-2019 PG
Perfect Christmas Village, The 02-Oct-2019 PG
Gangsters - America's Most Evil 02-Oct-2019 M
Rosehaven : Season 1-3 | Boxset 02-Oct-2019 M
Wentworth : Season 1-7 | Boxset 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Knightfall : Season 1-2 | Boxset 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Avengers Assemble | Complete Series 02-Oct-2019 PG
Ultimate Spider-Man | Complete Series 02-Oct-2019 PG
Curse Of Civil War Gold, The : Season 1 02-Oct-2019 PG
Solo - Star Wars Story, A | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Last Jedi, The | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Rogue One - Star Wars Story, A | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Force Awakens, The | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Episode IV - New Hope, A | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Magic Moments Of Motorsport - Great Grand Finals : Vol 2 02-Oct-2019 E
Feel The Fear - Tall Man, The / Returned, The | Double Pack 02-Oct-2019 MA15+
Star Wars - Episode I - Phantom Menace, The | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Episode II - Attack Of The Clones | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Avengers Assemble - Black Panther's Quest - Shadow Of Atlantis 02-Oct-2019 PG
Magic Moments Of Motorsport - Bob Jane T-Mart Bathurst 500 1999 02-Oct-2019 E
Star Wars - Episode V - Empire Strikes Back, The | New Line Look 02-Oct-2019 TBA
Mutant Creature - Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus / Bermuda Tentacles | Double Pack 02-Oct-2019 M
Skin 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Curfew 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Hail Satan? 09-Oct-2019 M
Toy Story 4 09-Oct-2019 G
Blue Velvet 09-Oct-2019 R18+
Little Woods 09-Oct-2019 M
Heiresses, The 09-Oct-2019 M
Mum : Series 3 09-Oct-2019 M
Everybody Knows 09-Oct-2019 M
Penguin Highway 09-Oct-2019 PG
Happy As Lazzaro 09-Oct-2019 M
Straight Forward 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Colony : Season 1 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Poldark : Series 5 09-Oct-2019 M
Son, The : Series 2 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Annabelle Comes Home 09-Oct-2019 M
Travelers : Season 2 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Deadwood - Movie, The 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Big Sky : Collection 3 09-Oct-2019 M
Life | Complete Series 09-Oct-2019 M
Toy Story | Quadrilogy 09-Oct-2019 G
Shades Of Blue : Season 3 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
My Big Gay Italian Wedding 09-Oct-2019 M
Acquitted | Complete Series 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Toy Story 4 | Blu-ray + UHD 09-Oct-2019 G
Powers | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Adrian Mole | Complete Series 09-Oct-2019 M
Poldark | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 M
All Saints | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 TBA
Dragon Ball Super : Collection 2 09-Oct-2019 M
Magnum P.I. : Season 1-8 | Boxset 09-Oct-2019 M
Hellsing Ultimate | Complete Series 09-Oct-2019 R18+
Place Promised In Our Early Days, The 09-Oct-2019 PG
Remington Steele | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 PG
Garage Sale Mystery - Murder In D Minor 09-Oct-2019 M
Rockford Files, The | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 M
Trial & Retribution | Complete Collection 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Audie Murphy | Ultimate Western Collection 09-Oct-2019 M
Steins;Gate 0 : Part 2 : Eps 13-23 | + Ova 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Attack On Titan : Season 3 : Part 1 : Eps 1-12 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Concrete Revolutio : Eps 1-24 | Complete Series 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Columbo - Complete Case File, The : Limited Edition 09-Oct-2019 M
Chills, The - Triumph & Tragedy Of Martin Phillipps, The 09-Oct-2019 M
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars : Season 5 : Part 1 : Eps 167-183 09-Oct-2019 PG
Space Battleship Tiramisu : Season 2 | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 09-Oct-2019 M
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card : Part 2 | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 09-Oct-2019 PG
Sword Art Online Alternative - Gun Gale Online : Vol 2 : Eps 7-12 09-Oct-2019 M
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars : Season 5 : Part 1 : Eps 167-183 : Limited Edition 09-Oct-2019 TBA
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond Is Unbreakable : Set 4 : Part 1 : Eps 1-20 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Makoto Shinkai Classics - Voices Of A Distant Star / 5 Centimetres Per Second 09-Oct-2019 PG
Attack On Titan : Season 3 : Part 1 : Eps 1-12 : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD 09-Oct-2019 TBA
Sword Art Online Alternative - Gun Gale Online : Vol 2 : Eps 7-12 : Limited Edition 09-Oct-2019 M
Basilisk - Ouka Ninja Scrolls, The : Part 2 : Eps 13-24 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 09-Oct-2019 MA15+
Hallmark Christmas - Entertaining Christmas, Sleigh Bells Ring, Christmas Incorporated : Collection 4 09-Oct-2019 G
NRL - Premiers 2019 11-Oct-2019 E
Booksmart 16-Oct-2019 MA15+
Yesterday 16-Oct-2019 M
Zoolander 16-Oct-2019 M
Bull : Season 3 16-Oct-2019 M
Glitch : Season 3 16-Oct-2019 M
Titans : Series 1 16-Oct-2019 TBA
Utopia : Season 4 16-Oct-2019 PG
Riverdale : Season 3 16-Oct-2019 M
Catcher Was A Spy, The 16-Oct-2019 TBA
Hellboy | Blu-ray + UHD 16-Oct-2019 M
Yesterday | Blu-ray + UHD 16-Oct-2019 M
Madam Secretary : Season 5 16-Oct-2019 M
Glitch : Season 1-3 | Boxset 16-Oct-2019 MA15+
Utopia : Season 1-4 | Boxset 16-Oct-2019 M
Teen Titans Go - Vs Teen Titans 16-Oct-2019 PG
Blue Hawaii / Roustabout | Double Pack 16-Oct-2019 G
Will & Grace - Revival, The : Season 2 16-Oct-2019 M
King Creole / G. I. Blues | Double Pack 16-Oct-2019 PG
Keeping Up With The Kardashians : Season 16 16-Oct-2019 M
Girls! Girls! Girls! / Fun In Acapulco | Double Pack 16-Oct-2019 G
Crawl 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
Stuber 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
El Dorado 23-Oct-2019 PG
True Grit 23-Oct-2019 PG
Keeper, The 23-Oct-2019 M
Science Fair 23-Oct-2019 PG
Sink Or Swim 23-Oct-2019 M
Hostile Planet 23-Oct-2019 PG
White Crow, The 23-Oct-2019 M
Cold Blood Legacy 23-Oct-2019 M
Sands Of Iwo Jima 23-Oct-2019 G
Spider In The Web 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Legacies : Season 1 23-Oct-2019 TBA
First Wives Club, The 23-Oct-2019 PG
Hawaii 5-O : Season 9 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
WWE - SummerSlam 2019 23-Oct-2019 M
Black Jesus : Season 2 23-Oct-2019 M
Blue Bloods : Season 9 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
Veronica Mars : Season 1 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Dynasty | Complete Series 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Paw Patrol - Best In Snow 23-Oct-2019 G
Wonder Woman - Bloodlines 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Danger 5 | Complete Series 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
Spider-Man - Far From Home 23-Oct-2019 M
Airport | Complete Collection 23-Oct-2019 PG
PJ Masks - Mighty Moon Problem 23-Oct-2019 G
Dynasty - Finale, The | Mini-Series 23-Oct-2019 PG
Adventure Time : Season 1-10 | Boxset 23-Oct-2019 PG
Trolls - Beat Goes On, The : Season 2 23-Oct-2019 G
Haunting Of Hill House, The : Season 1 23-Oct-2019 MA15+
Mr. Bean's Brilliant : Vol 1-4 | Boxset 23-Oct-2019 G
Wonder Woman - Bloodlines | Blu-ray + UHD 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Spider-Man - Far From Home | Blu-ray + UHD 23-Oct-2019 M
Shrek : Ultimate Collection : Limited Edition 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Elf Pets - Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas 23-Oct-2019 G
Trolls : Limited Edition | Happy Place Collection 23-Oct-2019 G
Madagascar : Ultimate Collection : Limited Edition 23-Oct-2019 PG
My Brilliant Career : 40th Anniversary Edition | Restored 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Dreamworks Ultimate Holiday : Limited Edition | Collection 23-Oct-2019 PG
Karate Kid / Karate Kid II / Karate Kid III | Franchise Pack 23-Oct-2019 PG
WWE - Getting Rowdy - Unreleased Matches Of Roddy Piper, The 23-Oct-2019 TBA
Spider-Man - Far From Home : Limited Edition | 3D + 2D Blu-ray 23-Oct-2019 M
Star Trek : Limited Edition | Jean-Luc Picard TV + Movie Collection 23-Oct-2019 M
Spider-Man - Far From Home / Spider-Man - Homecoming | 2 Movie Franchise Pack 23-Oct-2019 M
Spider-Man - Far From Home / Spider-Man - Homecoming | Blu-ray + UHD : 2 Movie Franchise Pack 23-Oct-2019 M
Crypto 30-Oct-2019 MA15+
Driven 30-Oct-2019 MA15+
Warrior 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Fast Color 30-Oct-2019 M
Public, The 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Marathon Man 30-Oct-2019 M
Warriors, The 30-Oct-2019 R18+
Diego Maradona 30-Oct-2019 TBA
School Spirits 30-Oct-2019 PG
Victor Crowley 30-Oct-2019 R18+
Barbie Dreamtopia : Vol 3 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The 30-Oct-2019 PG
Gunfight At The O.K. Corral 30-Oct-2019 PG
Sesame Street - Dance Party 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Zog / Other Stories | Boxset 30-Oct-2019 TBA
ABC Kids - Best Of : Collection 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Cinderella Story, A - Christmas Wish 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Shaun The Sheep : Season 1-5 | Boxset 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Thomas & Friends - Digs & Discoveries 30-Oct-2019 G
ABC Kids - Nursery Rhymes : Collection 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Wiggles, The - Emma! : Season 2 : Vol 1 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The | Blu-ray + UHD 30-Oct-2019 PG
Barbie - Welcome to the Dreamhouse! : Vol 3 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The | 3D + 2D Blu-ray 30-Oct-2019 PG
Bluey - Horsey Ride And Other Stories : Vol 2 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Bluey - Magic Xylophone And Other Stories : Vol 1 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Batman Beyond : Limited Edition | Complete Collection 30-Oct-2019 TBA
Secret Life Of Pets, The / Secret Life Of Pets 2, The | Franchise Pack 30-Oct-2019 PG
Cut 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Blood 06-Nov-2019 CTC
Ophelia 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Midsommar 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Late Night 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Les Norton 06-Nov-2019 CTC
Pagan Peak 06-Nov-2019 CTC
Eulogy, The 06-Nov-2019 M
Camino Skies 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Young Guns II 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Torvill & Dean 06-Nov-2019 TBA
10 Minutes Gone 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Faithful Man, A 06-Nov-2019 M
Handmaid's Tale 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Tea With Mussolini 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Salvation : Season 2 06-Nov-2019 TBA
V.C. Andrews' Heaven 06-Nov-2019 TBA
ACCA | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Delicious : Series 1-3 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Girl On The Third Floor 06-Nov-2019 TBA
John Wayne | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Outpost, The : Season 2 06-Nov-2019 CTC
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Dean Martin | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jerry Lewis | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Light Horse Century, The 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Sliders | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Claymore | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jane Green Collection, The 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jane Green's Tempting Fate 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Mutant X | Collection : HD 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Profiler | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Ultimate WWII | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Sheena - Queen Of The Jungle 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Apollo - Missions To The Moon 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jungle Jim | Movie Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Tammy Romance Collection, The 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Agatha And The Truth Of Murder 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Agatha Christie's Spider's Web 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Ford Racing - Glory Years, The 06-Nov-2019 E
Relic Hunter | Collection : HD 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Western | Collection : 10 Pack 06-Nov-2019 TBA
AFL - 2019 Premiers Victory Pack 06-Nov-2019 E
Troy - Fall Of A City : Series 1 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Dagashi Kashi 2 | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Nickelodeon Classics | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Taste Of Christmas, A / Snowmance 06-Nov-2019 TBA
American Pickers | Mega Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Assassination Classroom : Season 2 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jean-Claude Van Damme | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Pokemon : Season 1-21 | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Agatha Raisin : Season 1-2 | Boxset 06-Nov-2019 M
Counting Cars : Ultimate Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Nevadan, The | Six Shooter Classics 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Mindy Project, The | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
AFL - 2019 Premiers Season Highlights 06-Nov-2019 E
Beyond The Law | Six Shooter Classics 06-Nov-2019 TBA
My Brilliant Friend | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Angels In The Snow / Back To Christmas 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Classic Romance | Collector's Gift Set 06-Nov-2019 TBA
My Christmas Love / Love Strikes Twice 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Goldbergs, The : Season 1-5 | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Love Boat, The : Season 1-4 | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Hallmark Murder 101 | Double Mystery Pack 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Maggie's Christmas Miracle / Mr. Christmas 06-Nov-2019 TBA
On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas / My Santa 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Star-Crossed Christmas, A / Christmas Mail 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Garage Sale Mysteries : Ultimate Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Record Of Grancrest War : Vol 2 : Eps 13-24 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Dance Moms Resurrection : Ultimate Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Jesus & The Rise Of Christianity | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The : Collection 3 06-Nov-2019 TBA
VC Andrews' Casteel Saga | Complete Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Yu Yu Hakusho : Season 1 : Eps 1-28 | Steelbook 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Cells At Work! : Season 1 : Eps 1-13 | + Special 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Yuri!!! On Ice | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Dance Moms Resurrection : Season 8 : Collection 2 06-Nov-2019 TBA
First Men In The Moon / 20 Million Miles To Earth 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Magic Moments Of Motorsport - Group C Gold : Vol 1 06-Nov-2019 E
Supercars Championship Series Highlights 2007-2016 06-Nov-2019 E
Air Crash Investigations : Season 1-18 | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Boruto - Naruto Next Generations : Part 1 : Eps 1-13 06-Nov-2019 TBA
My Hero Academia : Season 3 : Part 2 | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Nov-2019 TBA
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2007 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2008 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2009 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2010 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2011 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2012 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2013 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2014 06-Nov-2019 E
V8 Supercars - Championship Series Highlights - 2015 06-Nov-2019 E
In Another World With My Smartphone | Complete Series 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Hallmark Christmas Movies : Ultimate Edition | Collection 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Holden Films, The : Collector's Edition : Limited Edition 06-Nov-2019 E
Classic Aussie Motorsport - Super Touring Years, The : Vol 5 06-Nov-2019 E
Boruto - Naruto Next Generations : Part 2 : Eps 14-26 | + Ova 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Nichijou - My Ordinary Life | Complete Series : Dual Language Edition 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Free! - Dive To The Future : Season 3 : Eps 1-12 : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Ace Ventura - Pet Detective / Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls : 25th Anniversary Edition 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind : 35th Anniversary Special Edition : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD : With Artbook 06-Nov-2019 TBA
Ma 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Lock Up 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Scrooged 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Palm Beach 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Angel Heart 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Moana | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Frozen | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Descendants 3 13-Nov-2019 PG
Intruder, The 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Tangled | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Lion King, The 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Zootopia | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Heaven Can Wait 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Odd Couple, The 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Big Hero 6 | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Napoleon Dynamite 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Das Boot : Season 1 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Doom - Annihilation 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Avengers | Quadrilogy 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Lock Up | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Inside Man - Most Wanted 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Kind Hearts And Coronets 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Descendants | Triple Pack 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Grey's Anatomy : Season 15 13-Nov-2019 TBA
NCIS : Season 1-5 | Boxset 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Narcos - Mexico : Season 1 13-Nov-2019 R18+
Terminator Salvation | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Zombieland | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Angel Heart | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Daniel Craig | UHD : Boxset 13-Nov-2019 TBA
NCIS : Season 6-10 | Boxset 13-Nov-2019 TBA
NCIS : Season 11-15 | Boxset 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Fast & Furious - Hobbs & Shaw 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Lion King, The | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Paw Patrol - Ready Race Rescue 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Big Bang Theory, The : Season 12 13-Nov-2019 CTC
Princess And The Frog, The | UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
American Gangster | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
It's A Wonderful Life | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Marvel | Boxset : 23 Movie Collection 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Walking Dead, The : Season 1-9 | Boxset 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Ralph Breaks The Internet | New Line Look 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Big Bang Theory, The | Complete Collection 13-Nov-2019 CTC
Fast & Furious | UV : 9 Movie Franchise Pack 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Fast & Furious - Hobbs & Shaw | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Wicker Man, The | Final Cut - 1973 Re-Release 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Live Musicals | Collection 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Mrs. Brown's Boys - 2019 Christmas Special - Exotic Mammy / Mammy's Motel 13-Nov-2019 TBA
Mara 20-Nov-2019 M
Level 16 20-Nov-2019 MA15+
Duplicate 20-Nov-2019 M
Making Babies 20-Nov-2019 M
I Am The Night 20-Nov-2019 CTC
Mother Is Wrong 20-Nov-2019 CTC
Angel Has Fallen 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Flack : Season 1 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Ok Ko : Season 1 20-Nov-2019 CTC
Impulse : Season 1 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Who You Think I Am 20-Nov-2019 MA15+
Unexpected Love, An 20-Nov-2019 M
Australian Dream, The 20-Nov-2019 CTC
Dino King | Double Pack 20-Nov-2019 PG
Expanse, The : Season 3 20-Nov-2019 TBA
WWE - Super Show-Down 2019 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Mystify - Michael Hutchence 20-Nov-2019 CTC
Kominsky Method, The : Season 1 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Angel Has Fallen | Blu-ray + UHD 20-Nov-2019 TBA
WWE - Clash Of The Champions 2019 20-Nov-2019 TBA
SeaQuest DSV | Complete Collection 20-Nov-2019 TBA
E Street : Collection 1 : Eps 1-100 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Superstructures - Engineering Marvels 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Outer Limits, The | Complete Series : Original Series 20-Nov-2019 TBA
Hitchcock | Premium Collection - 14 Movie Pack 25-Nov-2019 TBA
Kursk 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Rabid 27-Nov-2019 MA15+
Frayed 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Total Control 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Dog's Journey, A 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Catch-22 : Season 1 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Blindspot : Season 4 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Running With The Devil 27-Nov-2019 MA15+
Dragged Across Concrete 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Jarhead - Law Of Return 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Watchmen | Blu-ray + UHD 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Peppa Pig - Festival Of Fun 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Handmaids Tale, The : Season 3 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Good Karma Hospital, The : Season 3 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Handmaids Tale, The : Season 1-3 | Boxset 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood | Blu-ray + UHD 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Good Karma Hospital, The : Season 1-3 | Boxset 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Jude 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Dogman 04-Dec-2019 MA15+
Freaks 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Good Posture 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Colony : Season 2 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Dynasty : Season 2 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Mr Holland's Opus 04-Dec-2019 PG
Absentia : Season 2 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Bad Blood : Season 1 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Seachange : Series 4 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Game Of Thrones : Season 8 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Liam Gallagher - As It Was 04-Dec-2019 CTC
Mystery 101 : Collection 1 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Darrow & Darrow | Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Memory - Origins Of Alien, The 04-Dec-2019 CTC
12 Monkeys | Complete Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Star Trek - Discovery : Season 2 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Collingwood - From The Inside Out 04-Dec-2019 CTC
Morning Show Mystery | Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Channel Zero | Complete Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Golden Kamuy : Season 2 : Eps 13-24 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Kingswood Country | Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Hailey Dean Mysteries : Collection 3 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Jackie Chan - Master Collection, The 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Channel Zero - Candle Cove : Season 1 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Game Of Thrones : Season 1-8 | Boxset 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Bruce Lee - Classics, The | Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Classroom Of The Elite | Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Dragon Ball Super : Part 9 : Eps 105-117 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Channel Zero - Dream Door, The : Season 4 04-Dec-2019 TBA
John Mcenroe - In The Realm Of Perfection 04-Dec-2019 M
Jake And The Fat Man | Complete Collection 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Full Metal Panic? - Fumoffu | Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Naruto Shippuden Hokage : Box 5 : Eps 416-500 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Black Clover : Season 2 : Part 1 | Blu-ray + DVD 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Full Metal Panic! | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Full Metal Panic - Second Raid, The | Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Magical Girl Raising Project | Blu-ray + Digital Copy : Complete Series 04-Dec-2019 TBA
Anna 11-Dec-2019 TBA