Australian release dates for movies & TV

Want to know when the best movie and TV releases are heading in-store at JB Hi-Fi? Stay informed with STACK’s Australian release dates for movies and TV. Check back regularly for schedule updates, and please note that release dates can change without notice. Be sure to check out Australian release dates for music and Australian release dates for games.

Jason Momoa just performed a haka at the Aquaman premiere

Aquaman has just premiered in Hollywood, and you're going to want to check out this video of Jason Momoa. Variety captured powerful footage of Momoa and some fellow red carpet-goers performing a haka at the Aquaman premiere, and it really is something else. Check it...

All the 2019 SAG Awards nominees

The nominations for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild awards have dropped - and they're often a harbinger of what to expect at the big one, the Oscars. The SAG Awards mean a lot to their recipietns as they're peer voted. Megan Mullally will host what will be the 25th...

Disney-Pixar’s Onward voice cast magically coming together

As well as the super-anticipated sequel Toy Story 4, Disney-Pixar also have another announced project in the works, the elf-driven Onward. Being co-written and directed by Monsters University's Dan Scanlon, it's set to be based in a human-free, suburban fantasy world...

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Title Date Rating
Title Date Rating
First Prev Next Last Records per Page:
You Were Never Really Here 06-Dec-2018 MA15+
Beast 12-Dec-2018 M
Press 12-Dec-2018 M
Megalodon 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Wife, The 12-Dec-2018 M
Swing Away 12-Dec-2018 PG
Pin Cushion 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Bombing, The 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Geo-Disaster 12-Dec-2018 M
Unbreakable 12-Dec-2018 M
Predator, The 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Simple Favour, A 12-Dec-2018 M
Christopher Robin 12-Dec-2018 G
Crazy Rich Asians 12-Dec-2018 M
Younger : Season 5 12-Dec-2018 M
Interlude In Prague 12-Dec-2018 M
Predator, The | UHD 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
5 Headed Shark Attack 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Bombing, The | Blu-ray + DVD 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Predator, The | Blu-ray + UHD 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies 12-Dec-2018 PG
Handmaids Tale, The : Season 1 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Handmaids Tale, The : Season 2 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Lion King, The | Blu-ray + UHD 12-Dec-2018 G
Simple Favour, A | Blu-ray + UHD 12-Dec-2018 M
Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure 12-Dec-2018 PG
Handmaids Tale, The : Season 1-2 | Boxset 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Howard Lovecraft And The Kingdom Of Madness 12-Dec-2018 PG
Predator / Predator 2 / Predators / Predator, The | Boxset 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Predator / Predator 2 / Predators / Predator, The | UHD : Boxset 12-Dec-2018 MA15+
Pacific, The - In The Wake Of Captain Cook With Sam Neill : Season 1 12-Dec-2018 M
Crossing Jordan : Season 1-3 : Collection 1 13-Dec-2018 TBA
Blame 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Hostile 19-Dec-2018 TBA
Nun, The 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Searching 19-Dec-2018 M
Smallfoot 19-Dec-2018 PG
Two Tails 19-Dec-2018 G
Bulletproof 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Dear Dictator 19-Dec-2018 TBA
Ladies In Black 19-Dec-2018 PG
Food Safari Earth 19-Dec-2018 E
Food Safari Water 19-Dec-2018 E
Billions : Season 3 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Blue Bloods : Season 8 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Bridge, The : Series 4 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Sinner, The : Season 2 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Searching | Blu-ray + UV 19-Dec-2018 M
Adventure Time : Season 9 19-Dec-2018 PG
Smallfoot | Blu-ray + UHD 19-Dec-2018 TBA
Johnny English Strikes Again 19-Dec-2018 PG
Last Kingdom, The : Season 3 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Conjuring Universe, The | 5 Pack 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
WWE - Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 19-Dec-2018 M
Bridge, The : Series 1-4 | Boxset 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
House With A Clock In Its Walls, The 19-Dec-2018 PG
Last Kingdom, The : Season 1-3 | Boxset 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
WWE - AJ Styles - Most Phenomenal Matches 19-Dec-2018 M
WWE - Shawn Michaels - Showstopper Unreleased, The 19-Dec-2018 M
Johnny English Strikes Again | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 19-Dec-2018 PG
Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 19-Dec-2018 MA15+
Johnny English / Johnny English Reborn / Johnny English Strikes Again | Franchise Pack 19-Dec-2018 PG
Final Score 26-Dec-2018 MA15+
Office Uprising 26-Dec-2018 MA15+
Final Score | Blu-ray + DVD 26-Dec-2018 MA15+
Office Uprising | Blu-ray + DVD 26-Dec-2018 TBA
Waves 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Wheely 02-Jan-2019 G
Apt Pupil 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Class Rank 02-Jan-2019 M
Austin Found 02-Jan-2019 M
Forgiven, The 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Dark Files, The 02-Jan-2019 M
Who Killed Tupac? 02-Jan-2019 M
Kingpin : Season 1 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Seven Ages Of Elvis 02-Jan-2019 TBA
12 Monkeys : Season 4 02-Jan-2019 TBA
Future Man : Season 1 02-Jan-2019 TBA
Emerald City : Season 1 02-Jan-2019 PG
20 Million Miles To Earth 02-Jan-2019 PG
American Vandal : Season 1 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Good Place, The : Season 2 02-Jan-2019 M
Damnation | Complete Series 02-Jan-2019 TBA
Plugg | Ozploitation Classics 02-Jan-2019 R18+
7th Cavalry | Six Shooter Classics 02-Jan-2019 G
Centrespread | Ozploitation Classics 02-Jan-2019 R18+
Modern Marvels : Collector's Edition 02-Jan-2019 PG
Biggie - Life Of Notorious B.I.G., The 02-Jan-2019 M
Guardians Of The Galaxy - War Of Kings 02-Jan-2019 PG
Pioneering Minds | Collector's Edition 02-Jan-2019 M
Battlers, The | Classic Australian Stories 02-Jan-2019 PG
Engineering An Empire : Collector's Edition 02-Jan-2019 PG
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The : Collection 2 02-Jan-2019 TBA
Decisive Battles Of WWII | Collector's Edition 02-Jan-2019 MA15+
Robbie Coltrane's Critical Evidence : Season 1 02-Jan-2019 M
Felicity / Centrespread | Ozploitation Classics 02-Jan-2019 R18+
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - School Daze 02-Jan-2019 G
Water Under The Bridge | Classic Australian Stories 02-Jan-2019 PG
A.X.L. 09-Jan-2019 PG
Charming 09-Jan-2019 G
Juliet, Naked 09-Jan-2019 M
Billionaire Boys Club 09-Jan-2019 MA15+
Discovery Of Witches, A 09-Jan-2019 MA15+
Major Crimes : Season 6 09-Jan-2019 M
Miseducation Of Cameron Post, The 09-Jan-2019 M
Find Me in Paris : Season 1 : Part 2 09-Jan-2019 G
Professionals, The | Complete Series 09-Jan-2019 TBA
Billionaire Boys Club | Blu-ray + DVD 09-Jan-2019 CTC
Alpha 16-Jan-2019 PG
Venom 16-Jan-2019 M
High Life 16-Jan-2019 M
Venom | UV 16-Jan-2019 M
Insult, The 16-Jan-2019 M
Ocean Waves 16-Jan-2019 PG
Night School 16-Jan-2019 M
Ghost Stories 16-Jan-2019 M
Strong By Zumba 16-Jan-2019 G
WWE - Evolution 16-Jan-2019 M
American Animals 16-Jan-2019 MA15+
Bosch : Season 4 16-Jan-2019 MA15+
Between Land & Sea 16-Jan-2019 E
Destination Wedding 16-Jan-2019 M
Alpha | Blu-ray + UV 16-Jan-2019 PG
Between Land And Sea 16-Jan-2019 E
Once Upon A Deadpool 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Made In Abyss : Season 1 16-Jan-2019 M
Fighting Season : Season 1 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Venom | Blu-ray + UHD + UV 16-Jan-2019 M
WWE - Survivor Series 2018 16-Jan-2019 M
McKellen - Playing The Part 16-Jan-2019 M
Paw Patrol - Summer Rescues 16-Jan-2019 G
Studio 54 - Documentary, The 16-Jan-2019 M
Family Guy - 20 Greatest Hits 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Discovering Britain : Series 1 16-Jan-2019 E
Westwood - Punk, Icon, Activist 16-Jan-2019 M
We Bare Bears : Season 1-3 | Boxset 16-Jan-2019 PG
Dragons - Race To The Edge : Season 2 16-Jan-2019 PG
Night School | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 16-Jan-2019 M
Love It Or List It Australia : Season 2 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Made In Abyss : Season 1 : Limited Edition 16-Jan-2019 M
Seven Deadly Sins, The : Season 1 : Eps 1-24 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Testament Of Sister New Devil, The : Season 1-2 16-Jan-2019 R18+
Testament Of Sister New Devil Burst, The : Season 2 16-Jan-2019 R18+
Strong By Zumba / Zumba Fitness / Zumba Slimdown Party 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Unsolved - Murders Of Tupac And The Notorious B.I.G., The 16-Jan-2019 TBA
National Geographic - Nazi Megastructures 5 - Russia's War 16-Jan-2019 M
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 16-Jan-2019 TBA
Vatican Miracle Examiner | Complete Series : Subtitled Edition 16-Jan-2019 MA15+
First Man 23-Jan-2019 M
Halloween 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Killjoys : Season 4 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Scorpion : Season 4 23-Jan-2019 M
Van Helsing : Season 2 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Fuller House : Season 3 23-Jan-2019 PG
First Man | Blu-ray + UV 23-Jan-2019 M
Black Lightning : Season 1 23-Jan-2019 M
Scorpion : Season 1-4 | Boxset 23-Jan-2019 M
Doctor Who - Classic : Series 19 23-Jan-2019 M
Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween 23-Jan-2019 PG
Halloween | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot 23-Jan-2019 M
First Man | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 23-Jan-2019 M
Halloween | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Laurel & Hardy : Collection | Remastered 23-Jan-2019 G
Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween | Blu-ray + UV 23-Jan-2019 PG
Keeping Up With The Kardashians : Season 15 : Part 1 23-Jan-2019 MA15+
Goosebumps 2 - Haunted Halloween | Blu-ray + UHD + UV 23-Jan-2019 PG
Hunter Killer 30-Jan-2019 CTC
Ballers : Season 4 30-Jan-2019 MA15+
Reign Of The Supermen 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Shadowhunters : Season 1 30-Jan-2019 M
Bad Times At The El Royale 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Hunter Killer | Blu-ray + UHD 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Bad Times At The El Royale | UHD 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Reign Of The Supermen | Blu-ray + UHD 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Bad Times At The El Royale | Blu-ray + UHD 30-Jan-2019 TBA
Mission Impossible - Fallout 01-Feb-2019 CTC
Mission Impossible | 6 Movie Franchise Pack 01-Feb-2019 CTC
Mission Impossible - Fallout | Blu-ray + UHD 01-Feb-2019 CTC
Mission Impossible | Blu-ray + UHD : 6 Movie Franchise Pack 01-Feb-2019 CTC
Zoe 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Rise 06-Feb-2019 TBA
U-Turn 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Custody 06-Feb-2019 M
Hideaway 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Humor Me 06-Feb-2019 CTC
Together 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Book Week 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Concealed 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Distorted 06-Feb-2019 MA15+
Storm Boy 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Walkabout 06-Feb-2019 M
Cry Freedom 06-Feb-2019 PG
Mary Reilly 06-Feb-2019 M
Fright Night 06-Feb-2019 TBA
It Ain't Hay 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Certain Women 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Dying To Live 06-Feb-2019 CTC
In Like Flynn 06-Feb-2019 MA15+
Alien Predator 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Lost In Alaska 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Medallion, The 06-Feb-2019 M
Fahrenheit 11/9 06-Feb-2019 M
Keep 'em Flying 06-Feb-2019 G
Mega Time Squad 06-Feb-2019 CTC
Mona Lisa Smile 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Star Is Born, A 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Modus : Season 2 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Power : Season 5 06-Feb-2019 CTC
Archer : Season 9 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Maid In Manhattan 06-Feb-2019 PG
Bonanza : Season 8 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Britney Ever After 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Wistful Widow, The 06-Feb-2019 TBA
All The Devil's Men 06-Feb-2019 MA15+
Acquitted : Season 2 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Empire Of The Sharks 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Here Come The Co-Eds 06-Feb-2019 TBA
My Dinner With Herve 06-Feb-2019 TBA
All The Pretty Horses 06-Feb-2019 M
Angel At My Table, An 06-Feb-2019 M
Deuce, The : Season 2 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Peggy Sue Got Married 06-Feb-2019 PG
Castlevania : Season 1 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Melrose Place : Season 6 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Schitt's Creek : Series 4 06-Feb-2019 CTC
Avengers Grimm - Time Wars 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Nostradamus Collection, The 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Uq Holder | Complete Series 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Lost Films - Korea & Vietnam 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Harrowing True Crimes | Boxset 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Did You Hear About The Morgans? 06-Feb-2019 PG
Star Is Born, A | Blu-ray + UHD 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Fear The Walking Dead : Season 4 06-Feb-2019 TBA
American Gothic | Complete Series 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Rise & Fall Of Pablo Escobar, The 06-Feb-2019 TBA
American Pickers - Junkyard Wizard 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Fate/Apocrypha : Part 1 : Eps 1-12 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Hyouka : Eps 1-22 | Complete Series 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Theorem | World Classics Collection 06-Feb-2019 R18+
Shootist, The | Six Shooter Classics 06-Feb-2019 PG
Life After People | Series Collection 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Transformers Cyberverse - Journey, The 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Bungo Stray Dogs : Season 1 | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Bungo Stray Dogs : Season 2 | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Avengers Secret Wars - All New All Different 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4, The 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Vitamania - Sense And Nonsense Of Vitamins, The 06-Feb-2019 G
Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions - Take On Me! 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Fate/Stay Night - Heaven's Feel 1. Presage Flower 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Ballad Of Narayama, The | World Classics Collection 06-Feb-2019 R18+
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Set 2 : Part 1 : Eps 1-24 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Sailor Moon Super S : Season 4 : Part 2 : Eps 147-166 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Bungo Stray Dogs : Series 1-24 | Complete Series : + Ova 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Fireworks - Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Keijo!!!!!!!! : Eps 1-12 | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Interviews With Monster Girls | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Pokemon The Series - Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures : Collection 2 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions - Take On Me! : Limited Edition 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Fate/Stay Night - Heaven's Feel 1. Presage Flower : Limited Edition 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - Heart Throb : Season 2 | Collection 06-Feb-2019 TBA
Zoo 13-Feb-2019 M
Wildlife 13-Feb-2019 CTC
Hell Fest 13-Feb-2019 TBA
Blue Iguana 13-Feb-2019 MA15+
Pagan King, The 13-Feb-2019 MA15+
30 Nights Of Sex 13-Feb-2019 MA15+
Bohemian Rhapsody 13-Feb-2019 TBA
Z Nation : Season 5 13-Feb-2019 TBA
Bohemian Rhapsody | UHD 13-Feb-2019 TBA
Bohemian Rhapsody | Blu-ray + UHD 13-Feb-2019 TBA
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The | Blu-ray + UHD + UV 14-Feb-2019 TBA
Thinner 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Serenity 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Aeon Flux 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Black '47 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Footloose 20-Feb-2019 M
Boy Erased 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Flashdance 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Cliffhanger 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Speed Kills 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Seagull, The 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Welcome Home 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Dirty Dancing 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Invasion - UFO 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Pretty In Pink 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Mars : Season 2 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Chain Of Command 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Truman Show, The 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Ben 10 : Season 2 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Children Act, The 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Untouchables, The 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Wanted : Season 3 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Breakfast Club, The 20-Feb-2019 M
Rambo - First Blood 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Affair, The : Season 4 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Interview With God, An 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Killing Eve : Season 1 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Rambo - First Blood II 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Rambo - First Blood III 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Cloverfield Paradox, The 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Adventure Time : Season 10 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Cliffhanger | Blu-ray + UHD 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Girl In The Spider's Web, The 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Unbroken - Path To Redemption 20-Feb-2019 PG
How To Stay Married : Season 1 20-Feb-2019 TBA
WWE - WWE 24 - Best Of 2018, The 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Girl In The Spider's Web, The | UV 20-Feb-2019 CTC
7th Heaven : Season 7 | TV Classics 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Boy Erased | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Rambo - First Blood | Blu-ray + UHD 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Emma Fielding Mysteries | Collection 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Rambo - First Blood II | Blu-ray + UHD 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Perry Mason : Collection 1 : Season 1-3 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Rambo - First Blood III | Blu-ray + UHD 20-Feb-2019 TBA
WWE - Best Pay-Per-View Matches Of 2018 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Charmed : Season 1-8 | Boxset : Bonus Disc 20-Feb-2019 M
Girl In The Spider's Web, The | Blu-ray + UHD + UV 20-Feb-2019 CTC
Pet Sematary / Pet Sematary Two | Double Pack : Franchise Pack 20-Feb-2019 TBA
Unbroken / Unbroken - Path To Redemption | Double Pack : Franchise Pack 20-Feb-2019 M
Widows 27-Feb-2019 TBA
Widows | UHD 27-Feb-2019 TBA
Widows | Blu-ray + UHD 27-Feb-2019 TBA
Old Man And The Gun, The 27-Feb-2019 TBA
Terminal 01-Mar-2019 TBA
Climax 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Hard Times 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Odessa File, The 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Stone Killer, The 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Let The Sunshine In 06-Mar-2019 MA15+
Overlord : Season 2 06-Mar-2019 TBA
I Think We're Alone Now 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Coda 06-Mar-2019 PG
Melrose Place : Season 7 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Terra Formars : Season 2 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Jesse Stone | Triple Pack 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Midnight, Texas : Season 1 06-Mar-2019 TBA
No Sex Please, We're British 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Fruits Basket | Complete Series 06-Mar-2019 TBA
An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn 06-Mar-2019 CTC
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card : Part 1 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Dragon Ball Super : Part 6 : Eps 66-78 06-Mar-2019 TBA
All Saints : Season 10-12 : Collection 4 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Cliff Richard | 60th Anniversary Concert 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Digimon Adventure Tri. - Future : Part 6 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Maquia - When The Promised Flower Blooms 06-Mar-2019 TBA
I Used To Be Normal - Boyband Fangirl Story, A 06-Mar-2019 PG
Naruto Shippuden : Collection 36 : Eps 459-472 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Space Hunter - Adventures In The Forbidden Zone 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Ancient Magus Bride, The : Part 1 | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Ancient Magus Bride, The : Part 1 : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Cowboy Bebop : 20th Anniversary Edition : Limited Edition | Bonus Soundtrack 06-Mar-2019 TBA
Fog, The 13-Mar-2019 TBA
They Live 13-Mar-2019 TBA
Prince Of Darkness 13-Mar-2019 M
Escape From New York 13-Mar-2019 TBA