Australian release dates for movies & TV

Want to know when the best movie and TV releases are heading in-store at JB Hi-Fi? Stay informed with STACK’s Australian release dates for movies and TV. Check back regularly for schedule updates, and please note that release dates can change without notice. Be sure to check out Australian release dates for music and Australian release dates for games.

Step into The Twilight Zone for two sneak peeks

Get Out and Us guy (amongst other stuff) Jordan Peele is revved up and ready to let us back into The Twilight Zone. Fancy peeks at two of the new episodes? Alrighty then. First up, we have a sequel of sorts to Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, the classic episode that starred...

Animators have their say on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Having hoovered up pretty much every award that it could, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has proved that it's something special. It took a lot of people to bring it to life, and chief amongst those, at least creatively, is the animators. Yet they don't get a...

Getting deeper and darker with Hellboy

A new Hellboy flick is about to hit town, and it's aiming to take us to deeper and darker places. Which is impressive, as from all accounts hell's pretty deep - and dark. Anyway, stars of the movie - including David Harbour as big red himself - along with others...

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Title Date Rating
Title Date Rating
First Prev Next Last Records per Page:
Stray 20-Mar-2019 M
Arizona 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Suspiria 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Free Solo 20-Mar-2019 M
Road Trip 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Mrs Wilson 20-Mar-2019 M
Peppermint 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Dreamgirls 20-Mar-2019 M
Grinch, The 20-Mar-2019 G
Annihilation 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Education, An 20-Mar-2019 M
Lost in Paris 20-Mar-2019 M
My Generation 20-Mar-2019 M
Mortal Engines 20-Mar-2019 M
Rosemary's Baby 20-Mar-2019 M
Kite Runner, The 20-Mar-2019 M
Sunset Boulevard 20-Mar-2019 PG
Indecent Proposal 20-Mar-2019 M
Mission To The Sun 20-Mar-2019 E
Princess Bride, The 20-Mar-2019 PG
Rosehaven : Season 3 20-Mar-2019 M
Counterpart : Season 1 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Agatha Raisin : Season 2 20-Mar-2019 M
Good Behavior : Season 2 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Good Fight, The : Season 2 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
WWE - Best Of Raw Smackdown 2018 20-Mar-2019 M
Barca - Take The Ball, Pass The Ball 20-Mar-2019 M
Grinch, The | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 G
Hailey Dean Mysteries : Collection 2 20-Mar-2019 PG
Rusty Rivets - Botasaur And The Bits 20-Mar-2019 G
Agatha Christie - Ordeal By Innocence 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
Mortal Engines | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 M
Evil Dead II - Dead By Dawn : Remastered 20-Mar-2019 MA15+
WWE - TLC - Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2018 20-Mar-2019 M
LEGO Jurassic World - Secret Exhibit, The 20-Mar-2019 PG
Grinch, The | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 G
Grinch, The | 3D + 2D Blu-ray + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 G
Mortal Engines | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 M
Mortal Engines | 3D + 2D Blu-ray + Digital Copy 20-Mar-2019 M
Voltron - Legendary Defender : Season 3-6 | Boxset 20-Mar-2019 TBA
Hostiles 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Dynasties 27-Mar-2019 PG
Bouncer, The 27-Mar-2019 M
Lean On Pete 27-Mar-2019 M
Dynasties | UHD 27-Mar-2019 PG
Charlotte's Web 27-Mar-2019 G
Sorry To Bother You 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Assassination Nation 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Chicago Med : Season 3 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Ray Donovan : Season 6 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Ralph Breaks The Internet 27-Mar-2019 PG
Car, The - Road To Revenge 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Fireman Sam - Set for Action! 27-Mar-2019 G
Thomas & Friends - Steam Team 27-Mar-2019 G
Wiggles, The - Big Ballet Day 27-Mar-2019 G
Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse 27-Mar-2019 PG
Peter Rabbit - Unexpected Discovery 27-Mar-2019 G
Pet Sematary : 30th Anniversary Edition 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse | UV 27-Mar-2019 PG
Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D : Season 5 27-Mar-2019 MA15+
Ralph Breaks The Internet | Blu-ray + UHD 27-Mar-2019 PG
Scooby-Doo And The Curse Of The 13th Ghost 27-Mar-2019 PG
Keeping Up With The Kardashians : Season 15 : Part 2 27-Mar-2019 M
Sesame Street : 50th Anniversary Edition | Collection 27-Mar-2019 G
Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse | Blu-ray + UHD + UV 27-Mar-2019 PG
Wiggles, The - Best Of Emma, The : Limited Edition | Collection 27-Mar-2019 G
Flying High / Flying High 2 - Sequel, The | Double Pack : Franchise Pack 27-Mar-2019 M
Beverly Hills Cop / Beverly Hills Cop II / Beverly Hills Cop III | Triple Pack : Franchise Pack 27-Mar-2019 M
Hornet 03-Apr-2019 M
Beaches 03-Apr-2019 PG
Siberia 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
La Bamba 03-Apr-2019 M
Piercing 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Bumblebee 03-Apr-2019 M
Woodshock 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Funny Face 03-Apr-2019 G
Second Act 03-Apr-2019 M
Sgt Stubby 03-Apr-2019 PG
Sick of It 03-Apr-2019 M
Shoplifters 03-Apr-2019 M
Endless Love 03-Apr-2019 M
Normandy Nude 03-Apr-2019 M
Teacher's Pet 03-Apr-2019 G
War And Peace 03-Apr-2019 G
Backtrack Boys 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Death Warmed Up 03-Apr-2019 R18+
Blue Lagoon, The 03-Apr-2019 PG
Italian Job, The 03-Apr-2019 PG
Kid Like Jake, A 03-Apr-2019 M
Pretend One, The 03-Apr-2019 M
To Catch A Thief 03-Apr-2019 G
Alien Convergence 03-Apr-2019 M
Defiant Ones, The 03-Apr-2019 TBA
Kusama - Infinity 03-Apr-2019 M
Mars : Season 1-2 03-Apr-2019 M
Bernie The Dolphin 03-Apr-2019 PG
That Touch Of Mink 03-Apr-2019 PG
100 Days To Victory 03-Apr-2019 M
Alice In Wonderland 03-Apr-2019 G
Cody : Collection 1 03-Apr-2019 M
Terms Of Endearment 03-Apr-2019 M
Grand-Daddy Day Care 03-Apr-2019 PG
Saturday Night Fever 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Slaughterhouse Rulez 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Paris When It Sizzles 03-Apr-2019 PG
Castlevania : Season 1 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Murder Call : Season 1 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Avengers Assemble - Hulk 03-Apr-2019 PG
Avengers Assemble - Thor 03-Apr-2019 PG
Lethal Weapon : Season 2 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Bumblebee | Blu-ray + UHD 03-Apr-2019 M
Good Place, The : Season 3 03-Apr-2019 M
Leverage | Complete Series 03-Apr-2019 M
Halifax F.P. : Case Files 1 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Halifax F.P. : Case Files 2 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Avengers Assemble - Iron Man 03-Apr-2019 PG
Dead Lucky | Complete Series 03-Apr-2019 M
Death In Paradise : Series 8 03-Apr-2019 M
Brave Witches | Blu-ray + DVD 03-Apr-2019 M
Big C, The | Series Collection 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Freedom | Ozploitation Classics 03-Apr-2019 M
Change Of Habit | Hollywood Gold 03-Apr-2019 M
Doctor Who - Classic : Series 18 03-Apr-2019 PG
Paw Patrol - Pups Save Puplantis 03-Apr-2019 G
Avengers Secret Wars - Underworld 03-Apr-2019 PG
Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole, The 03-Apr-2019 M
Love Boat, The : Season 4 : Vol 1 03-Apr-2019 PG
Love Boat, The : Season 4 : Vol 2 03-Apr-2019 PG
Pope Francis - Man Of His Word, A 03-Apr-2019 PG
Dance Moms - Most Shocking Moments 03-Apr-2019 PG
Last Tycoon, The | Complete Series 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Avengers Assemble - Captain America 03-Apr-2019 PG
Melrose Place : Season 1-3 | Boxset 03-Apr-2019 M
Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase 03-Apr-2019 PG
Iconic Leaders | Collector's Edition 03-Apr-2019 M
Navigator, The - Medieval Odyssey, A 03-Apr-2019 PG
Written On The Wind | Hollywood Gold 03-Apr-2019 M
Santa Fe Trail | Six Shooter Classics 03-Apr-2019 PG
US Muscle Cars | Collector's Gift Set 03-Apr-2019 E
7th Heaven : Season 1-6 : Collection 1 03-Apr-2019 PG
Mad Dog Morgan | Ozploitation Classics 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
One Piece 3d2y Overcoming Ace's Death! 03-Apr-2019 M
Shimmer And Shine - Dance Like A Genie 03-Apr-2019 G
Perry Mason : Collection 2 : Season 4-6 03-Apr-2019 PG
Tales Of The Gun | Collector's Gift Set 03-Apr-2019 PG
Wire In The Blood : Season 1-3 | Boxset 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Maquia - When The Promised Flower Blooms 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Pope - Most Powerful Man In History, The 03-Apr-2019 M
Colour Of War, The | Collector's Gift Set 03-Apr-2019 M
Great Race, The - 2002 To 2008 Supercars 03-Apr-2019 E
Great Race, The - 2009 To 2015 Supercars 03-Apr-2019 E
Los Olvidados | World Classics Collection 03-Apr-2019 M
Michael Jackson - Searching For Neverland 03-Apr-2019 PG
Recovery Of An MMO Junkie | Blu-ray + DVD 03-Apr-2019 PG
Angel's Share / Whisky Galore | Double Pack 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
My Girlfriend Is Shobitch | Complete Series 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Transformers Cyberverse - Terminal Velocity 03-Apr-2019 PG
Beverly Hillbillies, The : Season 5 | Boxset 03-Apr-2019 TBA
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner | Hollywood Gold 03-Apr-2019 PG
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond : Season 2 03-Apr-2019 M
Great Continental Railway Journeys : Series 5-6 03-Apr-2019 PG
Great Military Commanders | Collector's Edition 03-Apr-2019 PG
AFL - State Of Origin Big V | Classic Collection 03-Apr-2019 E
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club : Season 1 | Blu-ray + DVD 03-Apr-2019 PG
Evil Minds - Inside The World's Most Dangerous Cults 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Food Safari Elements - Fire / Earth / Water | Boxset 03-Apr-2019 E
Empire Of The Sharks / Planet Of The Sharks | Double Pack 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Black Clover : Season 1 : Part 2 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 03-Apr-2019 M
Black Clover : Season 1 : Part 3 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 03-Apr-2019 M
Ancient Magus Bride, The : Part 1 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 03-Apr-2019 M
Seven Deadly Sins, The : Season 1 : Eps 1-24 | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 03-Apr-2019 M
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders : Set 3 : Part 2 : Eps 25-52 03-Apr-2019 MA15+
Hallmark - Art Of Us, The / Like Cats And Dogs / Love Once And Always : Collection 4 03-Apr-2019 PG
Fog, The 10-Apr-2019 M
New Life 10-Apr-2019 PG
They Live 10-Apr-2019 M
Sleepy Hollow 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Son of Rambow 10-Apr-2019 PG
Staying Alive 10-Apr-2019 PG
Up In The Air 10-Apr-2019 M
White Boy Rick 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Holmes & Watson 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Fatal Attraction 10-Apr-2019 M
Prince Of Darkness 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Stepford Wives, The 10-Apr-2019 M
Escape From New York 10-Apr-2019 M
Mary Poppins Returns 10-Apr-2019 G
Virgin Suicides, The 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Ten Commandments, The 10-Apr-2019 PG
Fog, The | Blu-ray + UHD 10-Apr-2019 M
They Live | Blu-ray + UHD 10-Apr-2019 M
Silent Witness : Series 22 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Officer And A Gentleman, An 10-Apr-2019 M
Benchwarmers 2 - Breaking Balls 10-Apr-2019 M
Prince Of Darkness | Blu-ray + UHD 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
Escape From New York | Blu-ray + UHD 10-Apr-2019 M
Mary Poppins Returns | Blu-ray + UHD 10-Apr-2019 G
Dragons - Race To The Edge : Season 3 10-Apr-2019 PG
Holmes & Watson | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 10-Apr-2019 MA15+
How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World, The 10-Apr-2019 PG
How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World, The | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 10-Apr-2019 PG
Lara Croft Tomb Raider / Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Cradle Of Life, The 10-Apr-2019 M
How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World, The | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 10-Apr-2019 PG
How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World, The | 3D + 2D Blu-ray + Digital Copy 10-Apr-2019 PG
How To Train Your Dragon / How To Train Your Dragon 2 / How To Train Your Dragon - Hidden World, The | Franchise Pack 10-Apr-2019 PG
Aquaman 17-Apr-2019 M
Summer '03 17-Apr-2019 MA15+
Les Miserables 17-Apr-2019 M
Flying The Nest 17-Apr-2019 G
Pick Of The Litter 17-Apr-2019 G
Trapped : Series 2 17-Apr-2019 MA15+
Aquaman | Blu-ray + UHD 17-Apr-2019 M
WWE - Royal Rumble 2019 17-Apr-2019 M
Robot Chicken : Season 8 17-Apr-2019 M
Aquaman | 3D + 2D Blu-ray 17-Apr-2019 M
Brexit - Uncivil War, The 17-Apr-2019 MA15+
Call The Midwife : Series 8 17-Apr-2019 M
Doctor Who - Macra Terror, The 17-Apr-2019 PG
Wwe - Best Of NXT Takeover 2018 17-Apr-2019 M
Justice League Vs The Fatal Five 17-Apr-2019 M
Kid Who Would Be King, The | UHD 17-Apr-2019 TBA
Captain America - Civil War | UHD 17-Apr-2019 M
Captain America - The First Avenger | UHD 17-Apr-2019 M
Captain America - The Winter Soldier | UHD 17-Apr-2019 M
Kid Who Would Be King, The | Blu-ray + UHD 17-Apr-2019 TBA
Call The Midwife : Series 1-8 : Limited Edition 17-Apr-2019 M
Doctor Who - Macra Terror, The : Limited Edition 17-Apr-2019 PG
Justice League Vs The Fatal Five | Blu-ray + UHD 17-Apr-2019 M
Seventies On Fire, The - Bathurst 1970-1979 | Collector's Tin Box 17-Apr-2019 E
#Roxy 24-Apr-2019 PG
Asher 24-Apr-2019 MA15+
Pyewacket 24-Apr-2019 M
I Still See You 24-Apr-2019 MA15+
Last Witness, The 24-Apr-2019 M
2036 Origin Unknown 24-Apr-2019 PG
New Girl : Season 7 24-Apr-2019 M
Can You Ever Forgive Me? 24-Apr-2019 MA15+
Kid Who Would Be King, The 24-Apr-2019 PG
New Girl | Complete Series 24-Apr-2019 M
Inside Dame Elisabeth's Garden 24-Apr-2019 G
Glass 01-May-2019 TBA
Krull 01-May-2019 TBA
Slice 01-May-2019 TBA
Informer 01-May-2019 TBA
Papillon 01-May-2019 MA15+
Steamboy 01-May-2019 TBA
$ Dollars 01-May-2019 M
Storm Boy 01-May-2019 PG
In Society 01-May-2019 TBA
Cleaning Up 01-May-2019 TBA
Hit The Ice 01-May-2019 TBA
Parenthood 01-May-2019 TBA
Buck Privates 01-May-2019 TBA
Civilisations 01-May-2019 TBA
Jack And Jill 01-May-2019 TBA
Favourite, The 01-May-2019 TBA
Instant Family 01-May-2019 PG
Hold That Ghost 01-May-2019 TBA
Hold The Sunset 01-May-2019 PG
Australian Rules 01-May-2019 TBA
Hate U Give, The 01-May-2019 TBA
Man In A Hurry, A 01-May-2019 TBA
Hang Ups : Season 1 01-May-2019 TBA
Mad Dogs : Season 1 01-May-2019 TBA
Mary Queen Of Scots 01-May-2019 M
Tin Star : Series 2 01-May-2019 CTC
Seems Like Old Times 01-May-2019 PG
Glass | Blu-ray + UHD 01-May-2019 TBA
Miracle, The : Season 1 01-May-2019 TBA
Alienist, The : Season 1 01-May-2019 MA15+
Bold Type, The : Season 1 01-May-2019 TBA
Comin' Round The Mountain 01-May-2019 TBA
Kevin Can Wait : Season 2 01-May-2019 TBA
Bing Crosby Collection, The 01-May-2019 TBA
Luther : Series 1-5 | Boxset 01-May-2019 MA15+
You Don't Mess with the Zohan 01-May-2019 TBA
Possession Of Hannah Grace, The 01-May-2019 MA15+
Golden Age Of Hollywood 1941-1947 01-May-2019 TBA
Golden Age Of Hollywood 1948-1956 01-May-2019 TBA
Golden Age Of Hollywood 1956-1965 01-May-2019 TBA
Ancient Aliens - Best Conspiracies 01-May-2019 TBA
Mary Queen Of Scots | Digital Copy 01-May-2019 M
Pokemon - Partner Up With Pikachu! 01-May-2019 TBA
Beverly Hillbillies, The : Season 1 01-May-2019 TBA
Beverly Hillbillies, The : Season 2 01-May-2019 TBA
Beverly Hillbillies, The : Season 3 01-May-2019 TBA
Beverly Hillbillies, The : Season 4 01-May-2019 TBA
Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries 01-May-2019 M
Pokemon - Partner Up With Squirtle! 01-May-2019 TBA
Pokemon - Partner Up With Bulbasaur! 01-May-2019 TBA
Princess Margaret - Rebel Royal, The 01-May-2019 TBA
Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein 01-May-2019 TBA
Pokemon - Partner Up With Charmander! 01-May-2019 TBA
Rare Breed, The | Six Shooter Classics 01-May-2019 TBA
Sidecar Racers | Ozploitation Classics 01-May-2019 TBA
Good Place, The : Season 1-3 | Collection 01-May-2019 TBA
20th Century Conflicts | Collector's Edition 01-May-2019 TBA
Magic Moments Of Motorsport - 1989 Tooheys 1000 01-May-2019 TBA
Cash & Company / Tandarra | Complete Bushranger Saga 01-May-2019 TBA
Pokemon - I Choose You / Power Of Us, The | Double Pack 01-May-2019 TBA
D-Day : 75th Anniversary Edition : Commemorative Edition 01-May-2019 TBA
Two From Hell - House Of 1000 Corpses / Devils Rejects, The 01-May-2019 MA15+
Ultimate Guide To The Presidents, The | Collector's Edition 01-May-2019 TBA
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Mission Breakout - Return Of Thanos, The 01-May-2019 TBA
Karate Kid, The : 35th Anniversary Special Edition | Blu-ray + UHD 01-May-2019 PG
Pokemon The Series - Sun & Moon - Ultra Adventures | Complete Series 01-May-2019 TBA
Girl 08-May-2019 TBA
Colette 08-May-2019 M
Cold War 08-May-2019 M
Hurricane 08-May-2019 TBA
Mule, The 08-May-2019 TBA
Capharnaum 08-May-2019 M
Cliffhanger 08-May-2019 M
Guilty, The 08-May-2019 TBA
Nazi Overlord 08-May-2019 TBA
Marjorie Prime 08-May-2019 M
Private War, A 08-May-2019 CTC
Crown & Us, The 08-May-2019 TBA
Front Runner, The 08-May-2019 M
Welcome To Marwen 08-May-2019 M
Rambo - First Blood 08-May-2019 MA15+
Victoria : Series 3 08-May-2019 TBA
Jamestown : Season 2 08-May-2019 MA15+
Rambo - First Blood II 08-May-2019 MA15+
Matangi / Maya / M.I.A. 08-May-2019 MA15+
Rambo - First Blood III 08-May-2019 MA15+
Better Call Saul : Season 4 08-May-2019 MA15+
Cliffhanger | Blu-ray + UHD 08-May-2019 M
Playing for Keeps : Season 1 08-May-2019 TBA
Victoria : Series 1-3 | Boxset 08-May-2019 TBA
Black Hawk Down | Blu-ray + UHD 08-May-2019 MA15+
How To Talk To Girls At Parties 08-May-2019 MA15+
Love Live! Sunshine!! : Season 2 08-May-2019 TBA
Sailor Moon Super S - Movie, The 08-May-2019 PG
Welcome To Marwen | Digital Copy 08-May-2019 M
Agatha Christie - ABC Murders, The 08-May-2019 M
Fate/Apocrypha : Part 2 : Eps 13-25 08-May-2019 TBA
Rambo - First Blood | Blu-ray + UHD 08-May-2019 MA15+
Rambo - First Blood II | Blu-ray + UHD 08-May-2019 MA15+
Rambo - First Blood III | Blu-ray + UHD 08-May-2019 MA15+
Citrus | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 08-May-2019 MA15+
Chaos;Child | Blu-ray + DVD : Complete Series 08-May-2019 TBA
Myriad Colors Phantom World | Complete Series 08-May-2019 PG
Oceans Rising / San Andreas Quake | Double Pack 08-May-2019 TBA
Operation Dunkirk / Ardennes Fury | Double Pack 08-May-2019 TBA
Re Zero Starting Life In Another World : Part 1 08-May-2019 TBA
Re Zero Starting Life In Another World : Part 2 08-May-2019 MA15+
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory | Complete Series 08-May-2019 MA15+
Darling In The Franxx : Part 1 : Eps 1-12 | Blu-ray + DVD 08-May-2019 TBA
My Hero Academia - Movie, The - Two Heroes | Blu-ray + DVD 08-May-2019 TBA
Darling In The Franxx : Part 1 : Eps 1-12 : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD 08-May-2019 TBA
Cowboy Bebop : 20th Anniversary Edition : Limited Edition | Bonus Soundtrack 08-May-2019 MA15+
Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato 2199 : Part 1 : Eps 1-13 | Blu-ray + DVD 08-May-2019 TBA
Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato 2199 : Part 2 : Eps 14-26 | Blu-ray + DVD 08-May-2019 TBA
Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex | Complete Series : + Solid State Society Collection 08-May-2019 TBA
Arctic 15-May-2019 TBA
Ben Is Back 15-May-2019 TBA
Never Grow Old 15-May-2019 TBA
River Runs Red 15-May-2019 TBA
Vanishing, The 15-May-2019 MA15+
Hot Summer Nights 15-May-2019 TBA
Hidden Soldier, The 15-May-2019 M
Shameless : Season 9 15-May-2019 TBA
WWE - Fast Lane 2019 15-May-2019 TBA
Mayans M.C. : Season 1 15-May-2019 TBA
They Shall Not Grow Old 15-May-2019 TBA
Murdoch Mysteries : Series 12 15-May-2019 TBA
Vanishing, The | Blu-ray + DVD 15-May-2019 MA15+
WWE - Elimination Chamber 2019 15-May-2019 M
Loro 22-May-2019 MA15+
Josie 22-May-2019 MA15+
Vox Lux 22-May-2019 CTC
Sea Wolf 22-May-2019 TBA
Double Lover 22-May-2019 R18+
Triple Threat 22-May-2019 TBA
You, Me, & Him 22-May-2019 M
Crucifixion, The 22-May-2019 M
Midnight Express 22-May-2019 TBA
Taken : Season 1 22-May-2019 TBA
Happy! : Season 1 22-May-2019 TBA
Leaving Neverland 22-May-2019 TBA
Valley Of The Boom 22-May-2019 CTC
One Against The Wind 22-May-2019 TBA
Good Girls : Season 1 22-May-2019 TBA
Profiler : Season 1-2 22-May-2019 TBA
Big Sky : Collection 1 22-May-2019 TBA
Life | Complete Series 22-May-2019 TBA
Robot Chicken : Season 9 22-May-2019 MA15+
WWE - Wrestle Mania XXXV 22-May-2019 TBA
Boonie Bears - Fantastica 22-May-2019 PG
Vikings : Season 5 : Part 2 22-May-2019 TBA
Inspector Montalbano : Vol 10 22-May-2019 TBA
Perry Mason | Movie Collection 22-May-2019 TBA
Garage Sale Mystery : Collection 4 22-May-2019 TBA
Story Of... With Morgan Freeman, The 22-May-2019 M
Dances With Wolves : Theatrical Edition 22-May-2019 M
Hallmark - Sun, Sand & Romance / Love At The Shore / Love At Sea : Collection 5 22-May-2019 TBA
Damsel 29-May-2019 MA15+
Upside, The 29-May-2019 M
Cold Pursuit 29-May-2019 CTC
What Men Want 29-May-2019 CTC
Happy Death Day 2U 29-May-2019 CTC
Outlander : Season 4 29-May-2019 CTC
Godzilla | Blu-ray + UHD 29-May-2019 TBA
13 Reasons Why : Season 2 29-May-2019 MA15+
Cold Pursuit | Digital Copy 29-May-2019 CTC
Outlander : Season 1-4 | Boxset 29-May-2019 TBA
Happy Death Day 2U | Digital Copy 29-May-2019 CTC
Forrest Gump : 25th Anniversary Edition 29-May-2019 TBA
Cold Pursuit | Blu-ray + UHD + Digital Copy 29-May-2019 CTC
Habit 05-Jun-2019 CTC
Solis 05-Jun-2019 M
Transit 05-Jun-2019 M
Time Out 05-Jun-2019 CTC
Metropolis 05-Jun-2019 TBA
School, The 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Bayou Caviar 05-Jun-2019 CTC
Brawler, The 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Going My Way 05-Jun-2019 TBA
End Of Empire 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Black Cat, The 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Lords Of Chaos 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Cody : Collection 2 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Reform School Girls 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Superwog : Series 1 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Under The Silver Lake 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Clovehitch Killer, The 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Murder Call : Season 2 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Price Of Everything, The 05-Jun-2019 M
House That Jack Built, The 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Fireflies | Complete Series 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Murder, She Baked - Just Desserts 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Golden Kamuy : Season 1 : Eps 1-12 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Melrose Place : Season 4-7 | Boxset 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Undermined - Tales From The Kimberley 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Dragon Ball Super : Part 7 : Eps 79-91 05-Jun-2019 TBA
7th Heaven : Season 7-11 : Collection 2 05-Jun-2019 TBA
High School Dxd : Season 4 | Collection 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Wire In The Blood : Season 4-6 | Boxset 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Bend Of The River | Six Shooter Classics 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Jesse Stone : Collection 2 | Triple Pack 05-Jun-2019 TBA
One Piece - Episode Of Sabo | TV Special 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Violet Evergarden : Eps 1-13 | + Special 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt - Bandit Flower 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Naruto Shippuden : Collection 37 : Eps 473-486 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Lizzie Borden Chronicles, The : Ultimate Collection 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card : Part 1 | Blu-ray + Digital Copy 05-Jun-2019 PG
Juni Taisen - Zodiac War : Season 1 : Eps 1-12 | Blu-ray + DVD 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Black Clover : Season 1 : Part 4 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Inuyasha : Eps 1-167 | Series Collection : + Final Act Eps 1-26 05-Jun-2019 TBA
What We Do In The Shadows / Wellington Paranormal | Double Pack 05-Jun-2019 M
Ancient Magus Bride, The : Part 2 | Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Sword Art Online Alternative - Gun Gale Online : Vol 1 : Eps 1-6 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Day Of The Panther / Strike Of The Panther | Ozploitation Classics 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato 2202 : Part 1 : Eps 1-13 | Blu-ray + DVD 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Hallmark - Falling For Vermont / Under The Autumn Moon / Truly Madly Sweetly : Collection 6 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Howl's Moving Castle : 15th Anniversary Special Edition : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD : With Artbook 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Kiki's Delivery Service : 30th Anniversary Special Edition : Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD : With Artbook 05-Jun-2019 TBA
Greta 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Catch 22 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Chinatown 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Barbarella 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Coach Carter 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Hotel Mumbai 12-Jun-2019 TBA
King Of Thieves 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Seven In Heaven 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Combination, The 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Destined To Ride 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Golden Child, The 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Where Hands Touch 12-Jun-2019 TBA
At Eternity's Gate 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Kidding : Season 1 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Australia In Colour 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Save The Last Dance 12-Jun-2019 TBA
War Of The Worlds, The 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Hey Arnold! - Movie, The 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Lost In Space : Season 1 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Combination, The - Redemption 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Rugrats In Paris - Movie, The 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Genghis / Alexander | Eastern Empire Double Pack 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Apocalypse Earth / Independents' Day | Doomsday Double Pack 12-Jun-2019 TBA
Destroyer 19-Jun-2019 MA15+
Escape Room 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Dog's Way Home, A 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Sisters Brothers, The 19-Jun-2019 TBA
This Is Us : Season 3 19-Jun-2019 TBA
WWE - Andre The Giant 19-Jun-2019 CTC
Fantastic Journey, The 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Craig Of The Creek : Vol 1 19-Jun-2019 CTC
Paw Patrol - Ultimate Rescue 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Fast & Furious | Blu-ray + UHD 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Fast & Furious 5 | Blu-ray + UHD 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan : Season 1 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Rusty Rivets - Animal Bot Adventures 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Dragons - Race To The Edge : Season 4 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Trolls - Beat Goes On, The : Season 1 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Dragon Ball Super - Movie, The - Broly 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Perry Mason : Collection 3 : Season 7-9 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Nella The Princess Knight - Royal Quests 19-Jun-2019 G
Hellboy II - Golden Army, The | Blu-ray + UHD 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Vol 1 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Story Of God With Morgan Freeman, The : Season 3 19-Jun-2019 CTC
Brady Bunch Movie, The / Very Brady Sequel, A | Double Pack : Franchise Pack 19-Jun-2019 TBA
Captain Marvel 26-Jun-2019 TBA
Toy Story | UHD 26-Jun-2019 TBA
Toy Story 2 | UHD 26-Jun-2019 TBA
Toy Story 3 | UHD 26-Jun-2019 TBA
Captain Marvel | Blu-ray + UHD 26-Jun-2019 TBA
Us 03-Jul-2019 TBA
Wonder Park 03-Jul-2019 TBA
Happy Prince, The 03-Jul-2019 TBA
Elementary : Season 6 03-Jul-2019 TBA
Blaze And The Monster Machines - Robot Riders 03-Jul-2019 TBA
Little 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Donnybrook 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Pet Sematary 10-Jul-2019 TBA
What They Had 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Sometimes Always Never 10-Jul-2019 TBA
South Park : Season 22 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Fighting With My Family 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Modern Family : Season 10 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Suits : Season 8 : Part 2 10-Jul-2019 TBA
Thank You For Your Service 18-Jul-2019 MA15+
Just Getting Started 15-Aug-2019 TBA
Zulu : Special Collector's Edition 21-Aug-2019 PG
Rocketman 28-Aug-2019 TBA
Hustle, The 28-Aug-2019 TBA
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The 25-Sep-2019 TBA
Men In Black - International 25-Sep-2019 TBA
Spider-Man - Far From Home 16-Oct-2019 TBA
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 27-Nov-2019 TBA
Midsomer Murders : Season 20 : Part 1 17-Dec-2019 CTC
Angry Birds Movie 2, The 18-Dec-2019 TBA
Green Book 08-May-2020 TBA
Vice 22-May-2020 TBA
On The Basis Of Sex 22-May-2020 TBA
Catastrophe : Season 4 29-May-2020 TBA
If Beale Street Could Talk 29-May-2020 TBA
PJ Masks - Cracking The Case 29-May-2020 TBA
90th Anniversary | Boxset 30-Oct-2020 R18+