Author: Adam Colby

The Promise on DVD September 20

On the eve of World War I there were two million Armenians in the crumbling Ottoman Empire, and by 1922 less than a quarter remained. The genocide of the Armenian people is something that, to this day, many remain blissfully ignorant of – the Turkish government has still not taken responsibility. The Promise sets out to change that, bringing this shameful chapter in the country’s history to light and sweetening the bitter tale with a love triangle involving Christian Bale’s American journalist, Charlotte Le Bon’s beautiful tutor Ana, and Oscar Isaac’s Armenian medical student. As heavy as it sounds,...

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This Is Us: Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray September 20

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are an expectant couple, Sterling K. Brown a succesful lawyer, Justin Harley a sexy sitcom star, and Chrissy Metz is struggling with weight issues. All of them share the same birthday. They also have their share of challenges – Ventimiglia and Moore have unexpected trouble in the delivery room; Brown seeks to find some kind of peace with the father that abandoned him; Metz’s body image impacts her enough to join a support group; and Harley, well, being a himbo stereotype can be soul destroying. The rhythms of life may not be as thrilling...

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Goon: Last of the Enforcers on DVD and Blu-ray September 13

This is ostensibly an ice hockey movie, that is also a sequel. Rest assured you don’t have to know anything about ice hockey, or the original, to derive pleasure from the mayhem masquerading as Canada’s favourite sport. Seann William Scott is the hard man of his team but one too many hits, plus a bub on the way, means he has to put his career in deep freeze. When he sees the heart and soul of his team torn out by a rival, Scott is compelled to skill up with former arch nemesis Liev Schreiber, to have one shot...

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Do you know your Dave-o? Find out in STACK’s Foo Fighters quiz

Pre-order the new Foo Fighters album Concrete and Gold from JB Hi-Fi and you can enter to win tickets to the Foo Fighters big schwing-ding Cal Jam 17, in San Bernadino California this October (prize also includes airfares and accommodation!). To celebrate, STACK has cooked up a little Dave Grohl quiz. How well will you do, in knowing your Foo? Will it be you, who indeed has a clue? Buy now at JB...

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Alienware announces 2 new gaming monitors

Alienware has announced two new 34-inch gaming monitors.  Both will feature curved screens with a 21:9 aspect ratio, and include NVIDIA G-sync to smooth things out a bit. The higher-end model – the AW3418DW – features a 3440×1440 display with a 120Hz refresh rate, while the second model – the AW3418HW – will be a lower-res 2560×1080, but will have a higher refresh rate of 160Hz. Of course, both will also feature LED panels on the back that can be set to glow whichever colours you deem necessary. Discover Alienware at JB...

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