Author: Alesha Kolbe

Behind the scenes of ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift’s latest, Reputation (or with a small ‘r’ if you’re a purist), is here.  In the lead-up to the album‘s release today, Swift held a bunch of what she’s calling ‘Secret Sessions’ around the globe, where only a select, favoured few were let in to have their ears anointed with Tay’s first album since 2014. The sessions were recorded, and Taylor deigned to share a few clips with us: If you’ve been keeping up with the Swift mega-train, you’ll know she deleted all of the material on her social media presences on August 22 and began posting cryptic...

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Need for Speed Payback – review

The Need for Speed franchise has returned after a two year break. How does Need for Speed Payback fit into the rest of the series? We can all agree that Need for Speed: Underground 2 was one of the best racing games ever made, at least of its console generation. The NFS franchise is one known for fast cars and deep customisation, and to some may seem similar in tone at least to the Fast and Furious films starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. It seems that devs Ghost Games have taken that to heart, and decided to craft the series...

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Maroon 5, ‘Red Pill Blues’ review

You’ll have heard bits of Maroon 5’s new album Red Pill Blues on high rotation on the wireless – What Lovers Do and Cold are already fan faves thanks to their catchy hooks – and we’re here to tell you that they are accurate omens for the rest of the record’s bouncy vibes. It’s quintessential, loved-up, heartbroken Maroon 5 at its best, with the likes of SZA and A$AP Rocky making the guest vocalist cut. Our pick of the bunch would have to be Lunchmoney Lewis on Who I Am, which leaves you wondering why Adam Levine hasn’t collabed with...

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Check out the Stranger Things honest trailer

The honest trailer for Stranger Things is here, and it’s everything you wanted it to be. The Duffer Brothers’ series is taking the world by storm, and so naturally it was eventually going to cop an honest trailer. It’s a trailer for Season 1, but be warned – there are some tiny spoilers for S2 in there. You’ve been told. Buy now at JB...

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