Author: Amy Flower

Play ‘Spot the Pixar Luxo ball’

Pixar have always been sneaky, littering their movies with easter eggs and tiny links to each other. Would you have picked all of these appearances of their Luxo ball throughout the years? Marvel at the two Pixar Short Film Collections from JB...

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Smouldering new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer

A brand new trailer has just touched down for Koei Tecmo’s Nintendo Switch exclusive Fire Emblem Warriors. A collision of two popular franchises in Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors, the trailer gives us even more reasons why we should be excited for the game’s forthcoming release. Turning Fire Emblem into a hack and slash experience is a cool idea. It’s worked for other popular franchises, and with Fire Emblem‘s rich and varied roster there’s a lot of potential scope. We’ll see whether they manage to pull it off successfully when Fire Emblem Warriors launches for Nintendo Switch on October...

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Num-num-platinum! Win a real life PS4 platinum trophy

For years you’ve toiled away to nab those elusive Platinum PlayStation trophies. Now you’ve a chance to get more than just bragging rights and a pixelated award – you could score one of four real-life PS platinum trophies! Yes, PlayStation has made four of the things for real – but you’re going to have to be quick and, of course, good to score one. Four games releasing over the next couple of months will be involved, commencing with FIFA 18, which you can score from September 29. Once you have all the other trophies and your platinum popping makes...

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What if I wasn’t a Countdown kid?

Luckily – and somehow, considering my parents’ questionable musical tastes – I got into music when I was really young, even spending almost all of my pocket money on 7″ singles. This coincided with the launch of the now legendary ABC show Countdown, and I’m pretty sure that the two events are related. With the ABC currently reliving the show chronologically from its beginnings in 1974, it’s been really eye-opening to see some of the utter crap that passed for hits back then. But there are also some gems that stand the test of time – most of which...

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Switch manga feast – new Dragon Ball and One Piece

If you’ve been waiting for some great manga games to hit Nintendo’s Switch, you can stop. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is out now, while One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition will hit this coming Friday. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 harnesses the Switch’s unique powers as you travel through the Dragon Ball universe and change historic moments. From local six-person ad-hoc multiplayer to motion controls, it’s a supreme take on the combat-infused world of the Xenoverse. Buy now at JB Hi-Fi   Meanwhile, Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew return for One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition, featuring...

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