Author: Amy Flower

15 weird and wild Nintendo accessories

With the announcement of Nintendo’s forthcoming range of cardboard Switch accessories, Labo, our thoughts turned to some of the wild peripherals we’ve encountered in the past. Some of them were kind of useful, some were just cool in a crazy way and other were utter junk. But they all have one thing in common, and that’s their availability on various Nintendo systems since the NES. We also had or have an alarming amount of them in our collection. LaserScope Just plop Konami’s LaserScope on your bonce and any zapper gun game for the NES became cooler! Well, that was...

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New Harry Potter game to let you enrol at Hogwarts

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a forthcoming mobile game that will allow you to enrol at the legendary witchcraft and wizardry school. It will be just like being back at school – but with spells and magic and all that cool kind of stuff. You’ll construct your avatar and do all the things that you’d do if you were there, even attending classes with the likes of Hagrid, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. You’ll also get to socialise, making friends – and enemies – as you go. It’s shaping up as a busy year for Harry Potter games, with...

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U2’s ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ gets animated

U2 have never shied away from politics – now there’s a “well duh!” statement – and their commitment remains in the clip – and words – for Get Out of Your Own Way. We get the feeling that they don’t hold US president Donald Trump in the highest of regard… The track hails from their most recent album, Songs of Experience, and the stop motion animated video was directed by Israeli graffiti collective Broken Fingaz Crew, who were given free reign by U2 to interpret the song as they wished. In a statement on Facebook they said, “Was a...

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Metal Gear Survive beta is happening now

The co-op beta for Metal Gear Survive, the first game in the series made without creator Hideo Kojima at the reins, is now live. Running from today until Sunday (January 21), it features two maps with three co-op missions. If you participate in this beta and go on to buy the game, you’ll score in-game bonuses of a name plate, a head accessory and a bandana. The game follows on from where Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes left off, as you’re dragged through a wormhole into a hostile world full of deadly creatures. It’s survival of the fittest...

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Bloody new vid from The Vaccines, ‘I Can’t Quit’

We heard it a couple of weeks ago, now we have a video for the triumphant return of The Vaccines with their new single I Can’t Quit. It’s the first taste of the Combat Sports album, their fourth, which is due for release on March 30. Anyway, here’s the vid – Italy, dogs, blood and all… Buy now at JB...

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