Author: Paul Jones

For the record – caring for your vinyl

Caring for records is a demanding business, but boy, so worth it. If you’re new to vinyl, this guide to preserving your prized collection may come in handy. There’s no doubt that when you decide to invest in vinyl, with both time and money, you’re signing up to a pastime that, although extremely rewarding, demands your respect and attention. For many audiophiles, the sound of a record being played through a quality system can never be eclipsed. The warm, rich organic tones leave the listener totally fulfilled. But the attraction to vinyl is more than just audio purity –...

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Stratton – Duncan Falconer interview

Ex-special forces operator Duncan Falconer swapped his weapons for a pen and wrote a successful series of fictional books based on his own experiences. Now his first novel has been turned into the film, Stratton. Within two weeks of passing the selection process and commencing operations as part of a secret military intelligence unit within Britain’s special forces, one of Duncan Falconer’s fellow covert operators was lost. The former soldier had already been the youngest (at 19) to pass the gruelling SBS (Special Boat Service) selection course, and now he found himself deep undercover in an anti-terrorist unit. “These...

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Dunkirk – The Great Escape

Christopher Nolan takes on one of the most crucial events of World War II in Dunkirk. What is the measure of a good film? Its cast and director? The studio behind the production? How well it performs at the box office? Whether or not an aggregated review score rates highly as a percentage on a website? My litmus test is far less complicated: if I’m still thinking about the film a week later, then it’s classified as a winner. Four months after seeing Dunkirk at the media screening, I’m still thinking about it. This month not only brings the...

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Summer Games

There’s every chance that at this very moment you’re enjoying a pleasant holiday in the sun somewhere on this capacious island. For everyone else stuck at home (including the STACK editorial team) in this oppressive heat, praying that the grinding sound inside the air-conditioner isn’t symptomatic of an impending mechanical failure, we’ve put together a list of summer-themed games that will at least give you the momentary perception that you’re having fun in the sun. Dead Island (2011) While this probably wouldn’t be your idea of a perfect summer getaway, it is set on a tropical resort, perched on...

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