Author: Scott Hocking

Meet 3 LEGO Ninjas

A trio of LEGO Ninjago Movie voice actors give us their take on their LEGO characters. DAVE FRANCO “Lloyd’s a pretty complex character. he’s the son of Lord Garmadon, the most evil man on the planet, and everyone in town knows it and treats him pretty horribly because of it. By day he’s a pretty tortured high school kid, but by night he has a secret identity as the Green Ninja, and he protects his home from Garmadon.” OLIVIA MUNN “Koko is the ex-wife of Garmadon, the mother of Lloyd, the mayor of the city, and she also has a...

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Raw on DVD and Blu-ray September 20

Euro-horror isn’t afraid to tackle taboos with unflinching gusto, and writer-director Julia Ducournau’s stylish arthouse cannibal film is an appetising feast of coming-of-age themes and Cronenbergian body horror. A reserved first-year veterinary student (Garance Marillier) undergoes a frightening transformation following a hazing ritual that involves animal blood (Carrie-style) and consuming a raw rabbit kidney. It’s the latter that proves problematic – she’s a strict vegetarian and a taste of forbidden flesh soon develops into a hunger for human meat. Despite its grisly subject and several squirm-inducing set pieces, Raw is not an overly gruesome film by French standards. The...

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Finding the LEGO Ninja within ya!

Assembling a great voice cast is as vital to the success of a LEGO movie as animation and innovation. The LEGO Ninjago Movie isn’t a spin-off or a sequel – it’s a standalone adventure based on the toy line that also inspired the TV series Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The story involves a team of six young ninjas who fight to defend their island home of Ninjago from the evil Lord Garmadon, while resolving a number of issues between each other along the way. “Every LEGO movie is different,” says producer Dan Lin when STACK catches up with him...

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All Eyez On Me on DVD and Blu-ray September 20

Tupac Shakur was an icon of hip hop during the ’90s, enjoying phenomenal success and multi-platinum album sales before his death in a drive-by shooting, aged 25. Taking its title from his fourth studio album, this sprawling biopic charts the rapper and sometime actor’s rise from his turbulent youth and formative years performing with Digital Underground, to a controversial solo career full of incendiary lyrics, accusations of misogyny, and multiple arrests. With his bling growing in proportion to his success, Tupac emerges as a young man driven by a resolute desire to change the world, imbued at an early...

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