Author: Zoë Radas

Kylie’s new single is a double-edged belter

Kylie Minogue has announced her first studio album in four years – titled Golden – and released its lead single. The track is called Dancing and it’s a ripper; it’s difficult to liken its sound to a previous point in her now 14-album career, but it’s so obviously Our Kylie’s voice and style, all over. The part that’s double-edged is the lyrics to the chorus itself. “When I go out, I wanna go out dancing” could refer to going out on the town, but the phrase is also similar to the way someone might describe dying while doing what...

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An interview with Aaron Maine, aka Porches

Aaron Maine is Porches, and Porches is a revelation for those into enigmatic synth-pop. Maine answered our questions about his new album The House. It sounds like there’s still a lot of mystery – clues even you haven’t yet deciphered – going on with the themes/motivations of this record. Do you expect to ever unravel all its meanings? I’ve been thinking about how when I write my best songs I almost black out. It’s some sort of tapping into the subconscious where you don’t question what it is you are writing about. It could be a line or sentence...

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New single from Eels is very Eels

Eels have announced a new album and released its first single, which sounds like a return to peak raspy indie-rock for project head E. Singer-songwriter E (Mark Oliver Everett) says of 12th record The Deconstruction, due for release April 6: “Here are 15 new EELS tracks that may or may not inspire, rock, or not rock you. The world is going nuts. But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it. Other times you have to try to make it yourself. And then there are...

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Behind-the-scenes of JT’s new album ‘Man of the Woods’

Ahead of the release of his fifth studio album Man Of The Woods, Justin Timberlake has given us a little peek into the recording process. “The album has a wide range of sonics to it,” he says at the clip’s beginning, “but I guess I would describe it as ‘modern Americana… with 808s.’” Then he chuckles, like this: He goes on to say that Man Of The Woods is a homage to “where [he] came from” (Timberlake grew up in Memphis, Tennessee – the home of Americana), but mixes in modern elements, creating a heritage/present-time fusion which he’s pretty visibly...

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What we learned from George Clinton’s AMA

Earlier today the Godfather of Funk, inventor of P-Funk, bandleader of Parliament-Funkadelic and all-round iconoclastic cat George Clinton conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ crowd interview on Reddit. Here are the best bits, but the whole thing’s worth a read (there are a couple stories too NSFW to include) here.  Warning: swears included.   He and Bootsy Collins once met a UFO. Comment from discussion I am George Clinton, Dr. Funkenstein, leader of Parliament & Funkadelic, Godfather of funk, and the DNA of hip-hop and rap. AMA..   He’s a Guardians fan. Comment from discussion I am George Clinton, Dr. Funkenstein,...

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