Is one screen big enough for Jackie Chan and Sly Stallone to play on together?

We’ll find out when Chinese/US co-production Ex-Baghdad hits ours. Umm, after it’s made. The pair have signed on for the action thriller written by Arash Amel (Grace of Monaco…) and to be directed by Scott Need for Speed Waugh,  (who we don’t believe to be related to any cricketers that you may be thinking of).

Action flicks don’t really require much in the way of plot, but a basic story usually helps. In this case, a Chinese oil refinery in Iraq comes under attack. Chan and Stallone will be the two ex-special forces grunts charged with helping a bunch of oil workers get to the safety of the “Green Zone” by way of Baghdad’s infamous “Highway of Death”. But then the pair discover the real reason for the attack, and spring into – duh – action!

It may not be The Expendables – Sly apparently wanted Chan to be a part of his very successful action supergroup – but it still could be explosive seeing the two stars going at it together.