Woody Harrelson will direct and star in what is being billed as the first ever ‘live’ movie.

Although filmed live stage productions have been around for a few years now, Lost In London will give cinema audiences – well in the US at least, at this stage – the chance to watch a film shot in real-time.

Loosely based on a crazy night he once experienced, the film will follow Harrelson – playing himself – running into royalty and falling foul of the law as he struggles to get home to his family. Co-stars include Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, and the film will go out live on January 19.

“I’ve always loved theatre and film and wanted to find the best way to merge the two,” the star says. “When I decided to shoot this in real time I realised it wasn’t quite like true theatre because the one piece missing was a live audience. By broadcasting the film live as its being shot I hope to truly blend the excitement of live theatre with the scale and scope of film.”

Harrelson can be seen next on DVD/Blu-Ray opposite Liam Hemsworth in the western The Duel, which is out next week, and on the big screen in the coming-of-age drama The Edge Of Seventeen that opens in cinemas on January 5.