With the runaway – and much deserved – success of Wonder Woman, we’re sure the thoughts of studio execs are turning to more potential female-led DC Extended Universe movies. Here are 10 super-cool DC superheroine types who we’d love to see make the cut – but they probably won’t…


Big Barda
Debut: 1971

DC superheroine - Big Barta

She’s a New God, and was being groomed for warriordom until she met Mister Miracle and fell head over heels. Aww – and hey, Hollywood loves a love story, right? Possessing superhuman strength, lightning reflexes and speed to burn, Big Barda’s a master of hand-to-hand combat and expert with an array of weaponry. Our advice? Don’t mess with her. Seriously, don’t.


Black Canary
Debut: 1947

DC superheroine - Black Canary

An old school DC superheroine, Black Canary has undergone various transformations throughout her life. It all began as Dinah Drake’s alter ego, who helped keep the streets of Gotham clean with her bloke, Larry Lance. Naturally we’re not talking street sweeping… While a skilled martial artist, Black Canary’s big power is her ultrasonic scream, which can kill a Kryptonian. Hmm, imagine that in surround sound.


Debut: 1940

DC superheroine - Hawkgirl

Talk about a franchise – there has never just been one Hawkgirl, as the mantle has been shared between several awesome women. Shiera Sanders hall was the original, then came Shayera Hol and, finally, Kendra Saunders. This would probably cause some casting headaches, but she’s done her time on TV and deserves greater things. Plus, with superhuman strength, ability to heal and heightened senses – not to mention the ability to fly – we wouldn’t want to say no to her.


Huntress (aka Tigress)
Debut: 1947

DC superheroine - Huntress

Now this is tricky, for as well as DC’s incarnation having three distinct version, Marvel also have a Huntress. Then there’s the fact that two of her embodiments have been good, but the initial one was bad. Now there’s some meaty stuff to work up a script from, especially when one of them had her as Bruce Wayne and Catwoman’s daughter. As for super skills? She’s deft with a crossbow, but the scariest is that she’s a lawyer.


Lady Frankenstein (aka Bride)
Debut: 2006

DC superheroine - Lady Frankenstein

Universal might be bummed that they don’t have the DCEU rights, for as they roll out their Universal Monsters flicks Lady Frankenstein would fit right in. Based on Mary Shelley’s tales, LF was created as a gf for BF (that’s Big Frankenstein). Now isn’t the time for the doctor/monster argument, so let’s talk abilities. As well as enhanced strength and durability, the two extra arms grafted onto her by the evil Red Swami make her doubly hard to handle.


Power Girl
Debut: 1976

DC superheroine - PowerGirl

Named by Yoda after he became a huge Spice Girls fan, Powe- uh, sorry, we’ll type that again. OK movie peeps, she’s Superman’s cousin from an alternate dimension, who was stuck in a slower spaceship than her cuz. She’s also biologically identical to Supergirl, but a bit more level-headed. Saleable enough? Considering her heritage, you’re likely up with the abilities – superhuman strength, speed, endurance, hearing, breathing, itching, scratching, etc.


Debut: 1980

DC superheroine - Raven

With the Teen Titans getting more attention of late, maybe it’s Raven’s time? The daughter of your everyday human/demon tryst, she’s a pretty handy superheroine. As an empath, she can get down to what makes most anybody tick, but it’s her ability to let her soul-self loose to fight – as well as running the odd spy gig – that makes her rather formidable, and endlessly intriguing. You also won’t hear her saying, “Never more” (or “Eat my shorts,” for that matter).


Starfire (aka Koriand’r, speaking of spices as we were back there)
Debut: 1976

DC superheroine - Starfire

Man, this DC Universe can be confusing. The first Starfire was a Russian Teen Titans bloke, then came the alien chick remix. A manky old king demanded he marry her when she turned 18, but she was having none of it and went off to shack up with a warrior priest. Then came V2 in 1980, back with the Teen Titans and very much a flame-haired goddess – hot! DC fans worship her (she’s been, a little disturbingly, voted as one of the sexiest DC superheroines), so there could be stranger choices to go the big flick with.


The Question
Debut: 1992

DC superheroine - The Question

Actually the second Gotham City dick to use the name, she inherited it from a dick who actually had… uh, sorry, side-tracked again. Real name Renee Montoya – no relation to Tony, but maybe to Inigo from The Princess Bride, as she rocks – she was trained by the first Question to take over the role. In these days of welcome LGBTI awareness, the opportunity for a lesbian lead superheroine may actually not be dismissed instantly – unless any members of the Libera- OK, we’ll just shut up now.


Zatanna Zatara
Debut: 1964

DC superheroine - ZatannaZatara

With that many zeds in her name, it would seem that Zatanna Zatara had absolutely no choice but to become a magician. Guess what? She did. Variously hanging with the Justice League, as well as the one and only Batman, she inherited her very real magical powers from her dad. She poses as a stage illusionist, but when the situation gets real, so do her powers. She’s also been known to help out Wonder Woman at times, so she could easily slot into the whole DCEU thing.


* All of the incredible artwork featured here comes from the amazing artists at DC Comics.


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