You never know what treasures may lurk in an old toybox – although we think it safe to say that none of these top 10 most valuable LEGO Star Wars minifigures are likely to be found in one.

According to Minifigure Price Guide, eight of the top 10 most valuable LEGO minifigures ever come from the Star Wars universe. If you happen to own a genuine one of these (they’re highly pirated) then you’re really bloody lucky, crazy rich or both!


1: Boba Fett – solid 14K gold

LEGO Star Wars minifigures

Value: US$19855.95
Made for a 2010 promotion, only two of these little bounty hunters are known to exist.


2: C-3PO – solid 14K gold

Value: US$18288.45
There are only five of these 2007 30th anniversary promotion editions of the golden droid out there.


3: C-3PO – solid silver

Value: US$15675.95
He’s still popular in silver, in this 2007 piece made for Star Wars Celebration IV.


4: C-3PO – solid bronze

Value: $12540.95
Eat your heart out, R2-D2! C-3PO’s back in, erm, bronze. This was a 2007 promotion for San Diego Comic-Con.


5: Boba Fett – sterling silver

Value: US$8360.95
Boba Fett’s back, with this 2010 promotional minifigure of which only two exist that accompanied number one on this list. Hey, it only costs four figures!


6: Boba Fett – bronze

Value: US$5225.95
Yep, him again. This relative cheapie is another promo item from 2010, and another with only two existing.


7: C-3PO – orange

Value: US$3240.45
It’s Oompa Loompa C-3PO! This one wasn’t officially released, it’s just a prototype from 1999.


8: George Lucas

Value: US$2613.45
Who’s this beardie bloke?! This minifig of the Star Wars creator was also only prototyped – but some escaped LEGO’s empirical clutches.


9: C-3PO – chrome gold

Value: US$1568.45
Trust us Aussies to keep it relatively real. This 30th anniversary Australian edition is a bonza little bargain!


10: R2-KT – pink

Value: $1307.20
Another prototype, of which 50 were produced in 2010.


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