4K October 2020 - Cars 3Pixar’s Cars juggernaut rolled on with Cars 3, and it’s certainly taken the scenic route to 4K Ultra HD in Australia. So, now that it’s arrived, is it showroom shiny, or barn find slimy?

The story: There’s a new breed of racer in town, using technology and crunched numbers to gain an advantage and win those shiny cups. Jackson Storm is fast becoming the new king of the racing ring, and Lightning McQueen isn’t sure how to deal. His sponsors have a plan though, selling out to mudflap money man (and number 95 fan) Sterling, who builds an institute to train up-and-coming racers – and (ostensibly) help McQueen regain a competitive edge.

Cars 3 is essentially a Rocky movie, just with more stickers. The ageing champ is on his way out, a new breed is coming through, the older guy doesn’t want to quit, but he needs to find a way to compete… Should he continue on, or realise that his competitive days are over and mentor the next generation?

“I’m coming for you, Storm!”

The 4K disc: Definitely shiny, not slimy. Animation has proven a winner more often than not on the 4K Ultra HD format, and Cars 3 is definitely amongst the frontrunners. Despite its 2K origins, the vision looks a treat, with HDR enhancement bringing forth the colours vividly and detail at an almost surprising premium.

When it comes to sound, there’s a fabulous Dolby Atmos mix here – but strangely it isn’t the default. If you pop the disc in and hit play you’ll get a lesser 5.1 mix, so make sure to go into the setup and opt for Atmos – or even the also better than default 7.1 mix. Getting past peculiar authoring decisions, the sound here is as full-on as you’d expect from a recent Pixar extravaganza, with great use of the surrounds and height channels, particularly during races.

Cars 3 is delivered on a single 4K Ultra HD disc with no extra features.

Release date: October 7, 2020
Format: 4K Ultra HD
The voices of Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Larry the Cable Guy

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