I saw Power Rangers last night, and it got me thinking – what other TV shows  from my childhood should we see on the big screen?

Ben 10

Live action Ben 10 would be awesome, if it was done right. You’d have to get someone like a younger Logan Lerman to play Ben, and his dad could be Joe Manganiello. Gwen could be, uh, Millie Bobby Brown? Joe Carnahan would have to direct. It’d also have to use the aliens from the first season. None of that new-fangled stuff.

Edit: found out there were a couple of straight-to-TV versions, none of which are noteworthy enough to mention. Let’s run with my casting.

Kim Possible

This would look something like a Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones adventure in my eyes. Kim could even be played by Alicia Vikander. Or maybe a newbie? One of the new Power Rangers? As long as it’s not Becky G. Ron would have to be someone like Thomas Brodie Sangster, and they’d have to use a real naked mole rat. I’m all about Bueno Nacho pop-up stores.


This might be weird live-action if it was real babies. Maybe they could do Rugrats All Grown Up instead? That was when I lost interest, but a movie could be cool. Even a live-action boot of the series – it might make for an interesting daytime soapie.

Dexter’s Laboratory

It’d have to be Jesse Eisenberg as Dexter, but apart from that I’ve got no idea. Maybe Dexter Darden as Mandark? And a younger version of Rachel Adams as Dee Dee? Anyone but Chloe Grace Moretz, please.


Arguably one of the more underrated kids TV shows, Recess was a tale of pranksters in the schoolyard that always managed to avoid trouble. The Ashleys (yes, there were four) could be played by the Mean Girls, with the main squad comprised of people like Zac Efron, Bella Thorne, a younger Michelle Rodriguez, Thomas Brodie Sangster (a lot of love today), Michael B. Jordan, Kristian Nairn – you get the gist. Maybe even Chandler Riggs as Randall? Yeah, that would be cool.