Friggatriskaidekaphobia! No, we did not just collapse on to the keyboard, but your concern is appreciated.

Although it has yet to find its way into the Oxford Dictionary, “Friggatriskaidekaphobia” is the official term to describe the fear of Friday the 13th (although we still think that “the fear of Friday the 13th” is easier to say). The origin of the date’s sinister connotations are more speculated than they are definitive, so consider this a bonus fun fact and let’s skip straight to the movies.

Once every 212 days the 13th of any given month will fall upon a Friday, and what better reason to dust off the Friday the 13th collection and run amok with one of horror’s most iconic villains, Jason Voorhees?

You are, presumedly, making a date with your couch tonight and hitting play on one (or all) of the 12 instalments, and to get you in the mood, here are five fun facts about the long-running franchise.

1 – The producers of the original 1980 movie wanted to cast Academy Award-winning actress Sally Field in the lead role of Alice. However, the star’s A-list status meant they were unable to afford her and instead held an open-casting call.

2- Iconic Canadian director David Cronenberg (The Fly, Crimes of the Future) appears in a cameo role in the 10th instalment, Jason X. His part in the movie was performed as a favour to director Jim Isaac, who had been a special effects artist on Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999).

3- The 1979 film The Orphan was originally titled Friday the 13th, however a title change was agreed upon following intense negotiations and a reported financial settlement.

4- Although the 2009 movie was promoted as, and considered to be, a remake, it was actually written as a sequel. The plot was an amalgamation of the first four instalments and Jason Voorhees’ origin story was ignored (despite a fleeting pre-credit appearance by his mum), thus providing an ambiguous point of reference and its place within the legacy open to interpretation.

5– The original movie’s classic final jump-scare was written in response to Brian DePalma’s infamous and iconic final fright in Carrie (1976).

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