Come Oscar time, there are those who are nominated, and those who are snubbed. Every year there is the inevitable outrage regarding the films and actors that missed out on being nominated for Hollywood’s most prestigious award – even if some of them don’t really deserve a nomination in the first place. Conversely, there are many who are nominated but don’t really deserve to be. Both Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks were considered prime omissions in this year’s Oscar race, and while Sully is a good film, it’s not an Oscar-worthy one. These five deserving nominees, however, were overlooked this year…

BEST DIRECTOR – Andrea Arnold, American Honey

This darling of the British indie scene usually fares better at the BAFTAs, but has won an Oscar for Best Live Action short in 2005. American Honey is shot in a voyeuristic, cinema vérité style with a cast of mostly non-professionals, resulting in a film that feels raw and immediate. Moreover, the real triumph is that an Englishwoman has directed a truly authentic slice of Americana.

BEST ACTRESS – Amy Adams, Arrival

A perennial Best Supporting Actress nominee (Junebug, Doubt, The Fighter, The Master and American Hustle) but never a winner, Amy Adams should have been nominated for her heartfelt performance as a linguist attempting to decipher an alien language. Maybe it was because she also starred in Batman v Superman?

BEST PICTURE –The Birth of a Nation

This rousing account of the Nat Turner-led slave rebellion of 1831 has Oscar written all over it, and probably would have scored multiple nominations had it not been for the fact that director and star Nate Parker was charged with sexual assault when he was a college student in 1999 – and found not guilty. Ultimately he was judged on his past, not his filmmaking skills.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Aaron Eckhart, Bleed for This

While star Miles Teller was muscling up to play World Champion boxer Vinny Paziena in an inspirational true story about beating the odds (Oscar bait in itself), co-star Eckhart was eating lots of pizza to turn himself into portly trainer Kevin Rooney. A physical transformation for a role is usually highly regarded by the Academy, but perhaps after Rocky, Raging Bull and The Fighter, voters were simply sick of boxing movies.

BEST DIRECTOR – Pablo Larrain, Jackie

His portrait of First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the aftermath of JFK’s assassination received three nominations – Best Actress (Natalie Portman), Costume Design and Original Score – but where is director Pablo Larrain? The Chilean filmmaker turned what might have been an insufferably patriotic biopic into a melancholic and intimate character study.

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