TV tech is improving every day, and now the incredible resolution revolution of 8K is available for us to take home with Samsung’s new range of Q900 QLED sets.

Samsung’s shiny new range of Q900 8K televisions offer a whopping 7680×4320 pixel resolution – that’s four times the number of dots making up an image than even 4K, the previous highest bar in home vision.

With 4K only being a fairly recent innovation, you may be wondering what the advantage is of going up to 8K. One of the main benefits is if you’re looking for BIG screen entertainment. The bigger the screen generally, the bigger the dots. So, the more dots, the clearer the image! Samsung’s Q900 range starts at a massive 65″, then progresses to 75″ and 82″.

But what about content? While many will mention that there isn’t much in the way of 8K content around currently, the big advantage here is in Samsung’s upscaling technology.This uses canny artificial intelligence to take a lower resolution source and enhance it for 8K viewing. The better the source, the better the image – 4K Ultra HD, for example, can look simply stunning.

It isn’t just resolution that makes Samsung’s new 8K television range so impressive though. Features such as “Ultra Bright III” and “Quantum dot technology” deliver a more intense picture that can be viewed clearly even in the most brightly-lit rooms. Meanwhile, black levels are also the deepest that Samsung have ever achieved. Then there’s the connectivty – one simple cable allows for ease and neatness of wall mounting, while the Q900 series supports the likes of Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby and Apple Airplay 2.

This all adds up to an amazing picture on an amazing TV. Plus, Game of Thrones looking better than ever before!

Check out Samsung’s range of Q900 8K televisions at JB Hi-Fi.