An animated version of the long-lost Doctor Who story The Macra Terror will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 17.

The original four-part story featuring Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor no longer exists in the BBC archives. Now, 52 years after it was first broadcast, The Macra Terror has been resurrected as an animated production synched with the original audio, in both a colour and black and white version.

The Doctor and his companions, Ben, Polly and Jamie, visit a holiday camp in the far future, which has been infiltrated by giant crab-like monsters called Macra. The creatures would make a return appearance during David Tennant’s tenure in the 2007 story Gridlock.

“Back in 1967, ‘There’s no such thing as Macra!’ was the cry; and for many years after there was no such thing as The Macra Terror,” said Anneke Wills, who plays Polly. “Now, thanks to the magic of animation, we can see the story come to life again. I can’t wait to see this adventure and how gratifying to have a little more of Ben and Polly’s time with the Doctor available to be seen by new generations.”

The Macra Terror joins animated reconstructions of The Power and the Daleks and Shada. “After the success of Shada, we were very excited by the possibility of further animations. We are therefore delighted to be able to bring fans these missing episodes in a completely new form,” said Paul Hembury, executive producer, BBC Studios.

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