Review Ballers: The Complete Second SeasonRelease Date: 1 February
Format:  DVD Blu-ray
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry, Andy Garcia

Dwayne Johnson’s sports agent Spencer Strassmore may be more Jerry Maguire than Ari Gold, but the engaging NFL comedy Ballers is just the ticket for fans who miss Entourage.

The second season of the HBO show kicks off pretty much where the last ended, with former American football star Strassmore and business partner Joe Krutel (Mike Corddry) now heading up the sporting division at the financial services company run the megalomaniacal Anderson (Richard Schiff). However, when the pair poach a former playing rival of Strassmore’s from his old agent, powerful sporting magnate Andre Allen (Andy Garcia), they risk losing everything they have built. To make matters worse, not only is our hero still refusing to undergo the medical attention he urgently needs but he has developed a dangerous addiction to vicodin.

As for their clients, Ricky Jerrett (John David Washington) discovers that he has become very much in demand now that he is a free agent, while the career of Charles Greane (Omar Miller) takes a new direction when he joins the scouting staff of the Miami Dolphins after his playing contract is not renewed.

Like EntourageBallers is stacked with cameos from real-life sports celebs and presenters, but unless you follow American football, that probably won’t mean much to most people. Nevertheless, Johnson and Corddry make for a winning double act and while the show mercilessly sends up the vanity and egos of America’s sporting elite, it also showcases just how hard it can be to succeed at one of the world’s most competitive and ruthless sporting leagues.

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