Bears have provided more than their fair share of fun movie-based animal antics over the years. It’s curious, as real bears are more likely to tear your face off than snuggle up with you at bedtime. Anyway, here goes with six movie bears that we love, complete with our assigned cuddle factor rankings…



Bears - Baloo

Star turns: The Jungle Book (1967), The Jungle Book 2 (2003), The Jungle Book (2016)

The original Disneyfied take on Rudyard Kipling’s classic character is the one that most of us know and love, originally voiced by bandleader, radio star and comedian Phil Harris. The big, care-free bear has also been given voice by John Goodman, and most recently in the 2016 live action meets CGI extravaganza by the inimitable Bill Murray.

Cuddle factor:

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Bears - Boog

Star turns: Open Season (2006), Open Season 2 (2008), Open Season 3 (2010)

More of an oversized puppy than a bear, big old domesticated Boof leads an easy life in a nature show, until he meets wild deer Elliott, who makes it his mission to free Boog from his homely captivity. Needless to say the big lug isn’t exactly equipped for life in the wild – nor sure whether he prefers it to his comfy home.

Cuddle factor: star-3

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Bears - Paddington

Star turns: Paddington (2014), Paddington 2 (2017)

Straight from darkest Peru to London, this inquisitive young bear – another literary creation originally – burst into glorious CGI animation that, despite many a meme to the contrary, doesn’t look at all creepy. Both it and its sequel are actually two of the very best all-ages family experiences that you’ll be able to find – and again, not creepy!

Cuddle factor: star-4

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Bears - Pooh

Star turns: Winnie the Pooh (2011), Christopher Robin (2018)

From A.A. Milne’s classic books that most every kid grew up with – or if they didn’t they should have – this “hunny”-loving bear rightly holds a place in many a heart. He’s a simple old bear, who lives in 100 Hundred Acre Wood with all manner of furry friends – well, at least in the fertile imagination of young Christopher Robin, who brings life to his much-adored cuddly toy collection.

Cuddle factor:

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Bears - Po

Star turns: Kung Fu Panda (2008), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

If you had to imagine Jack Black as an animal, it would likely have been a panda or some sort of bear before Po ever came along. Through three movies we experience the young martial arts master’s journey from klutz who can’t master much of anything to, well, klutz who is the undisputed master of awesomeness!

Cuddle factor:

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Bears - Ted

Star turns: Ted (2012), Ted 2 (2015)

What if your innocent teddy grew up and got up to the same sort of stuff along the way that you did? That’d be Ted, the sweet-looking, foul-talking, hard-drinking, bong-smoking womaniser that we still can’t help but love. All things considered, it might be a bit creepy snuggling up with him though.

Cuddle factor:

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