Now there’s a headline that we never thought we’d see, let alone write. Is Cumberbatch auditioning to become the fifth Wiggle?

Actually, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and took the ‘Sentence Sneak’ challenge, whereby a visiting star is given a peculiar sentence and has to drop it into conversation. One of his challenges was “I dropped mashed potatoes in my trousers”.

Rather than just rabbit on and on before randomly dropping the line in casual conversation, Cumberbatch gets his Scott Walker on and sings a song about spuds. Mashed spuds. In his trousers. Messy!

Meanwhile, there’s still no word on a fifth season of Sherlock. While its creators, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, are busy working on a Dracula-based thing, Cumberbatch has weighed in on whether they should follow Doctor Who‘s lead and introduce a female Sherlock. “Why not?” he told Radio Times. “I don’t care!”

Caring and sharing kind of guy that he is, he also suggested a name for her. “Sherlockina. It’s coming to you soon.” Hmm, we’re not sure that he’d given much thought to the idea before the question was sprung on him.

Anyway, back to him singing about spuds. Enjoy…

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