For many, it’s one of the most iconic scenes from 1990s film – the Jack Rabbit Slims dance in Pulp Fiction featuring Uma Thurman and John Travolta – as celebrated at this year’s Oscars.

Now, who better to talk about dancing than trained dancers? The video below from Vanity Fair features two such folk, going into the nuts and bolts of the classic dance scene from arguably Quentin Tarantino’s finest flick. Anybody with an interest in the mechanics of dance is sure to find it a fascinating watch.

Meanwhile, if you’re just of the “Uma and John dance good!” school of thinking, and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s plenty of the scene to watch and enjoy again.

Meanwhile, here’s some fun trivia from the scene. We see Vincent and Mia afterwards with a trophy, and assume that they won the dance contest. However, later on when Butch walks into his apartment we hear a neighbour’s TV playing a Jack Rabbit Slim’s ad, and it mentions that their dance trophy was stolen…

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