Cate Blanchett in black-clad, badass mode and The Hulk as a gladiator: those among the highlights of the first trailer to drop for the latest Marvel blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok.

There’s certainly a Guardians Of The Galaxy vibe to the teaser promo for the third Thor movie – no surprise given the director is Taika Waititi – which finds our mighty Asgardian superhero (Chris Hemsworth, pictured above with co-star Tessa Thompson) imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his trusty hammer.

He faces a race against time to get back to his homeland to prevent its destruction at the hands of the ruthless Hera (Blanchett). However, first Thor must survive a gladiatorial contest against his Avengers pal the Incredible Hulk…

Thor: Ragnarok opens in cinemas on October 26.