He may be super, but he’s no hero. He is, however, a whole heap of fun, and Marvel’s Deadpool is getting set to animatedly break every fourth wall that our TVs can throw at us.


Well, he’s literally going to be animated. TVs aren’t literally going to throw walls at us.

The series is being created by Donald Glover – possibly better known as rapper Childish Gambino, or Troy from Community or, as of next year, Han Solo’s buddy Lando Calrissian – and his younger brother Stephen, who has his own rap thing going and is also a co-writer on his big bro’s pretty darned cool dramedy series Atlanta.

Will that Ryan Reynolds guy be involved? Don’t know, don’t care. Deadpool’s bigger than one admittedly hunky guy, right?

Anyway, the as yet untitled new Deadpool animated thing – hey, why not call it that? The Deadpool Animated Thing. There you go, we just saved the studios a fortune. Bet we won’t even get a thank you.

Uh, where were we? Oh yeah, the as yet untitled new Deadpoo- no, we’re not going there again! Look, it’s due to assail our screens sometime next year, OK?

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first Marvel thing that Donald has his finger in, as he’ll appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming this July. Who he’s playing remains shrouded in mystery. We can, however, guarantee that it isn’t Aunt May. Or is it…?

If you missed the boat on the Deadpool movie then chillax – you’ve still time to buy some cool and pick it up at JB! There’s even some Clint Eastwood in flick there…