Cranston Academy: Monster Zone might be a bit of mouthful to say, but this animated adventure from Mexico – featuring the voice talents of Jamie Bell and Australia’s own Ruby Rose – is a fun-filled romp that will delight fans of family-friendly movies like Goosebumps and Jumanji.

Danny Dawkins (Bell) is a 15-year-old genius, but he’s also an underachiever. When he’s accepted into the exclusive Cranston Academy of Science, he suddenly finds himself surrounded by peers who are seemingly much smarter.

In order to prove his worth, Danny – with the help of his mastermind roommate Liz (Rose) – breaks into an abandoned science laboratory and reactivates a dusty old device, which consequently opens a portal to the fifth dimension and unleashes a menagerie of monsters upon the world, including the now mutated professor that built the portal many years ago.

Thrills abound as the assortment of colourful monsters wreak havoc on campus and our unlikely heroes, along with the moth-man professor and a class of science geeks, kick some serious monster butt.

Co-written by Bob Barlen (who gave us Escape From Earth and The Son of Bigfoot) and directed by Leopoldo Aguilar, whose previous outing was the similarly-themed Monster Island, Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is the product of storytellers with a penchant for G-rated frights, and their movie is guaranteed to thrill fans of kid-friendly Halloween flicks.

In cinemas: June 24
Starring the voices of: Jamie Bell, Ruby Rose
Directed by: Leopoldo Aguilar