First released last year, Gina Hara’s Geek Girls documentary is now getting a limited theatrical release in Australia. Gina Hara takes a look at females in the gaming industry, whether they’re pro gamers, cosplayers, or simply fans – or otaku, as they are known overseas.

Gina did the rounds, scoring interviews with as many people as would consent; the filmmaker noted there were concerns amongst people involved in the project that they would be targeted for harassment.

Geek Girls is a well-written look at the current gaming industry, if perhaps a bit dated. Much has changed in the last 12 months, with the positive fallout from the Gamergate saga being that many of these issues are now being widely and vehemently tackled. However, there is no doubt that some things mentioned in the doco definitely do still occur, and Gina does her best to bring them to light and to give a platform to those who believe they have been treated poorly in the industry thanks only to their gender. Gina shines the spotlight particularly on a couple of girls from Japan who have taken to adopting nicknames and monikers even in public to distance their ‘otaku’ personalities from their real lives. It just goes to show the extreme lengths some feel they were forced to go to to be able to live their lives in peace, without fear of harassment.

An eye-opening, but nonetheless inspirational, look at the modern gaming industry, Geek Girls hits select cinemas from March 19. Express your interest here.

In cinemas: March 19, 2018
Starring: Gina Hara, Stephanie Harvey, Anita Sengupta
Directed by: Gina Hara