When your father works in the air force, you get used to moving around quite a lot. American cheerleader Emma (Kelli Berglund) knows all too well what it’s like to make friends with people, only to pack up and leave six months later. When her father ends up on assignment in Adelaide, South Australia, she decides to introduce cheerleading to the locals as a viable competitive sport, with the aim of making it to the State Championships.

Emma is used to having to leave behind friends when she moves from country to country, and so she’s worried about how close she gets with neighbour Hannah (Emily Morris) as soon as she arrives in Adelaide. The pair go to school together, and Hannah invites Emma to come and work out with her gymnastics group in the afternoons. After the group is unceremoniously disqualified from their chance at the championships, thanks to a grudge from a couple of ex-members, Emma suggests that they start up their own cheerleading team and take down the girls that got them disqualified, to prove there’s room for more than one cheer team in this town.

Going for Gold is a real feel-good Aussie flick that shows off the beauty of our country. It’s Bring It On meets Stick It meets Step Up, and young lovers of dance and sport will find plenty to enjoy in this film. It’s about embracing our differences and celebrating what makes us unique, and the cast look as though they’re genuinely having a great time the whole way through.

In cinemas: March 8, 2018star-3
Starring: Kelli Berglund, Emily Morris, Elysia Markou
Directed by: Clay Glen