The Pitches are back for one last hurrah in Pitch Perfect 3, the reportedly final entry in the trilogy.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) and the other Bellas have now graduated college, and are trying to find their feet in the real world. Beca is working as a music producer, throwing out recycled hip-hop beats and pandering to her clients. Chloe (Brittany Snow) is trying her hand at veterinary school. Aubrey (Anna Camp) is still at her retreat. Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is producing a one-woman Broadway show on street corners called Fat Amy Winehouse. They’re all doing, ah, well.

Separated for three years, the girls jump at a chance for a reunion party held by Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) and her gang of new Bellas, and Aubrey is able to give them one last chance to perform. Her dad – who’s ‘pretty high up’ in the army – can get the Bellas a spot performing on the USO tour at army bases around the world. Stoked with one last chance to sing together, all the girls rally to the cause; it also helps that Amy and Beca have both recently broken up with their romantic flings.

But of course, what would a singing event be without a bit of harmless competition? It turns out that the winner of the USO tour will get to open for DJ Khaled on a live televised performance! And the competition is no pushover, either. Between a rap duo, a country band, and the girl power extraordinaire Evermoist (lead by lead singer Calamity – aka Ruby Rose), the Bellas have to put on their best show to take down the others. How will a capella compete with actual instruments?

“This one is more of an action flick than anything, which definitely would have benefitted from the witty repartee the Treblemakers are able to provide”

Pitch Perfect 3 is a different entry altogether in the PP universe, noticeable right from the Mission Impossible/James Bond style intro. This one is more of an action flick than anything, which definitely would have benefitted from the witty repartee the Treblemakers are able to provide. Sadly, the boys are missing from this flick, but the women left behind can more than hold up their end of the vocal range. Thankfully, though, the songs are just as great this time ’round, and this entry’s riff-off takes it to a whole new level. The inclusion of roving a capella podcasters ‘Let’s Talk-apella” Gail and John (Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins) is a welcome return that helps to keep up the laughs even when they aren’t as plentiful otherwise.

Unfortunately, what were probably very promising characters in the rival bands are sidelined for most of the plot, and the scenes they do show are often edited over by the Bellas’ singing. And with the addition of DJ Khaled, his effortlessly outlandish persona makes it hard to believe he was actually acting at all. The film is a fitting way to bring to an end almost six years of a capella goodness. Make sure to stay during the credits for an adorable behind-the-scenes reel from all three films. Aca-nostalgic.

In cinemas: January 1, 2018star-3
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson
Directed by: Trish Sie