20,000 leagues under the Cherokee.

Ice Age director Chris Wedge makes a live-action detour with Monster Trucks – the tale of small town boy Tripp (Lucas Till), a gearhead with a drive to leave town and cruise on to something better. His hometown is currently subservient to an oil-drilling company, which brings in all the money for the region and drives environmentalists nuts.

Having drilled through a seemingly uninhabited water deposit, the company inadvertently unleash three sea monsters, with two being captured and the third absconding, eventually finding itself at the wrecking yard where Tripp works.

A monster search-and-rescue team is quickly set up by the company heads (Rob Lowe and Thomas Lennon), leaving Tripp – with the help of his biology tutor (Jane Levy) – desperate to hide his tentacled new buddy. Fittingly, the creature’s hiding place is inside the farmboy’s custom pickup truck, and voila – you have a literal Monster Truck (and a cool title for a film). Subsequently, Tripp and his stalker/love interest set out to liberate the other two monsters from oil HQ.

Monster Trucks is a safe bet for the kids these school holidays, with its cheesy jokes, tongue-in-cheek banter and cheap humour making for a fun family flick. Levy’s adorable (and understandable) obsession with Till is a highlight, and the monsters themselves look great – a cross between Lilo & Stitch’s Gantu and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed’s Tar Monster.

In cinemas: January 12, 2017star-3
Starring: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Rob Lowe
Director: Chris Wedge