A fair dinkum Aussie comedy.

Full of vulgar humour, bloody awful jokes, and true-blue outback spirit, Spin Out is a fast, furious and funny tale about a couple of mates from Woop Woop that love to drive.

When Billy (Xavier Samuel) takes a team stunt too far and risks the life of his longtime friend Lucy (Morgan Griffin), she announces that she’s moving to Sydney. With the help of his best mate, Sparrow (Travis Jeffrey, with a few roos loose in his top paddock), he attempts to convince her to stay – if that’s what she really wants.

Spin Out is set during the local town’s boozy annual B&S (bachelors and spinsters) party, which means bogan humour, slab-loads of beer, and a Maloo worth of callouts to our down to earth nature. It’s rude and crude like that old great-uncle from a Grand Final Day family lunch that everyone deliberately forgets.

An ode to the Deni Ute Muster, revheads will revel in the fleet of Aussie cars on offer, and what gentleman worth their salt can say no to a beer windmill? Those unfamiliar with their Aussie slang may need to bring a pocket dictionary or a mate – there’s more local lingo here than there are snags at a Bunnings’ barbie.

Spin Out is an absolute corker.

In cinemas: September 15, 2016star-3-half
Starring: Morgan Griffin, Xavier Samuel, Lincoln Lewis, Taylor Henderson
Directed by: Tim Ferguson, Marc Gracie