Spider-Man: Far from Home is the perfect tonic following the emotional rollercoaster of Avengers: Endgame. Just make sure you’ve seen the latter film before buying a ticket to this one – and reading this review.      

As the world continues to adjust to the aftermath of Thanos’s snap and a curious side effect termed ‘the blip’, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is dealing with life without Tony Stark and the responsibility thrust upon him to step up when the world needs a hero.

He’s content to remain a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and having dodged a call from Nick Fury (who has just encountered some weird phenomena in Mexico), Peter takes off on a school trip to Europe where he hopes to get closer to secret crush MJ (Zendaya).

The class has barely touched down in Venice when an elemental water monster emerges from the canals to wreak havoc, and a mysterious Dr. Strange-like newcomer in a cape and goldfish bowl helmet shows up to save the city.

He’s Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal), aka Mysterio, who hails from a parallel Earth and is hell bent on revenge against the Elementals who destroyed his world and have now migrated to ours. Moreover, he’s the perfect get out clause for Peter to avoid becoming Iron Man’s replacement.

That is until a mid-point plot twist (that Spidey comic book die-hards will anticipate) and an attack on Prague and London completely change the game. And who and what is ‘Night Monkey’?       

This second solo outing for the webslinger under the Marvel banner is as much a teen comedy clad in superhero spandex as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and even more infectiously fun and in tune with its target audience – the gargantuan FX set pieces almost play second fiddle to adolescent anxieties, raging hormones and Euro-trip hijinks.

Spider-Man is now comfortably at home within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Far from Home is an ebullient crowd-pleaser that packs a couple of bonus surprises into the end credits, teasing the next phase of the irrepressible Marvel juggernaut. The must-see movie this school holidays.

star-4In cinemas: July 1, 2019
Starring: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal
Directed by: Jon Watts