When you think of movies about golfing, chances are it’s Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore that come to mind.

Tommy’s Honour offers a more serious account of the sport, swinging back to 19th century Scotland where the open tournament and the modern game’s standards were established.

It’s a tale of two Toms – Old Tom Morris (Peter Mullan), a professional player and greenkeeper at golf’s hallowed ground of St. Andrews, and his son Young Tommy (Jack Lowden), an athletic 17-year-old prodigy.

Back then, golf tournaments were rowdy affairs where top-hatted toffs (including a mutton-chopped Sam Neill) bet big, raking in the money while the winning players saw very little of it. Despite his curmudgeonly dad’s insistence he become a caddy, Tommy has bigger dreams and is determined to challenge the rigid Victorian class system and make a living from his prowess on the green.    

Tommy’s Honour is as leisurely paced as a game of 18 holes. Golf isn’t the most dynamic of sports and director Jason Connery (son of Sean) recognises this fact, raising the dramatic stakes with plenty of father/son rivalry and a romantic subplot. Ardent golfers will find it a fascinating look at the modern game’s history, while others might want to stick with Bill Murray or Adam Sandler.

In cinemas: September 7, 2017
Starring:  Peter MullanJack LowdenSam Neill
Directed by: Jason Connery