The latest episode of The Simpsons, ‘Looking for Mr Goodbart’, won’t air in Russia due to pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church.

While the main storyline involves Bart renting out his services as a loving grandchild for Springfield’s elderly, it’s a subplot where Homer falls for the new mobile phone Peekimon Get craze that has ruffled the church’s Cossac- erm, cassocks.

In a so-thinly-veiled-it’s-not-veiled-at-all poke at the Pokémon Go craze (spot the six month lead time), Homer ends up in church amidst one of Reverend Lovejoy’s, uh, always rivetting sermons. This is what prompted the Russian Orthodox Church’s consternation, with one archbishop even claiming that the scene is an example of Hollywood trying to compromise Russian society.

The Simpsons - 'Looking for Mr Goodbart'

Due to this hubbub (bub), The Russian TV network which airs The Simpsons, 2×2, thought it best to cancel the episode’s airing as “it could compromise the network and cause controversy.”

Meanwhile, a scene of Homer dancing on the grave of his ex-nemesis Frank Grimes seems to have gone by without causing any angst at all. Poor Grimey.


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