Located in the heart of Perth’s affluent ‘Golden Triangle’, it’s no surprise that the clientele at JB’s Claremont store are a well educated bunch.

“Because of that we sell a lot of highbrow stuff,” says the store’s Dual Coordinator – Movies and Music, Chloe Hinds. “Nordic noir, a lot of TV drama, period drama, and anything that involves the royals goes down a treat. Customers here absolutely love The Crown – we’re expecting a bit of a riot when the next season comes out.”

Although movie tastes also lean towards dramas and biopics, Chloe is quick to add that more mainstream fare like Avengers: Infinity War isn’t being left on the shelves in Claremont.

“We do have a lot of families in the area, so event movies, superheroes and action are quite popular.”

The Claremont store also ensures its customers know what’s coming in advance, with a ‘pre-order pillar’ in prime position in the software section.

“It’s updated every week and has a long list of all the popular upcoming TV shows and movies,” explains Chloe. “Customers can immediately find what they’re looking for and when it comes out, and then pre-order the titles.”

As well as the hotly anticipated second season of The Crown, Chloe expects the new series of Poldark to be in demand. She’s also known to settle in with a good period drama in her home theatre room, which is straining to fit a second couch amongst the large collection of vinyl, DVDs, Blu-rays and collectors editions.

“I like a healthy mix of everything – a bit of action, sci-fi,” she adds, “anything that has a good plot I’ll definitely sink my teeth into.”

Chloe says her favourite part of the job is when customers who don’t really know what they’re looking for are open to suggestions.

“You find out their preferences and analyze what they’ve previously watched and recommend new things they might enjoy. When they take that on board and show an interest in the films and TV shows that you’re interested in, it’s definitely rewarding.”