In Osborne Park, just north of the Swan River in Perth, you’ll find one of the busiest JB’s in WA.

The store’s dedication to customer service has a lot to do with that, according to media coordinator Jake Inglis.

“I know other stores have great customer service, as is the JB motto, but our media team always offer the best we can possibly give,“ he says. “One of my favourite things about this job is serving customers. The ability to have a conversation with someone about something you are both passionate about is fantastic.”

Jake is certainly passionate about movies, with a home collection he estimates numbers close to a thousand discs. “My taste in film leans towards the arty side, but I don’t mind the occasional blockbuster,” he says. “A Ghost Story is my go-to recommendation if somebody is after something outside of the mainstream. It’s one of the most brilliant storytelling exercises I’ve seen in a long time.

Call Me by Your Name and Love, Simon are also two of my faves. They offer a really positive representation of queer cinema and have brought it into the mainstream, which is great.”

As for what the folk in Osborne Park like to watch, Game of Thrones is, naturally, all the rage at the moment. The store moves a healthy quantity of other HBO titles, too, and Jake’s biggest recommendation is Barry. “It’s one of the best TV shows I’ve seen in a long time and has been a huge hit here – I’d like to think because of me,” he laughs. “A hitman who lives a life in the shadows and finally wants to be in the spotlight is an interesting story to tell. And seeing Bill Hader – who’s traditionally done comedy – moving into something really dark and gritty, while still keeping that comedic edge, is brilliant!

“We have a lot of physical media purists here who want their own collections,” he adds. “And customers are buying a lot of Blu-ray and 4K as well – the quality of 4K is amazing and people are starting to realise it’s the next step.”

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