STACK‘s Roving Reporter drops into JB Hi-Fi’s Wollongong store to talk movies with Movie and Music Coordinator Nadia Castaldi.

When asked about her personal taste in films and TV series, Nadia describes herself as “a bag of licorice allsorts”.

“I don’t have a specific favourite genre, I go with what interests me,” she explains. “It’s good to like a broad spectrum, especially when people ask for recommendations, you can have an opinion on something. One specific genre makes it very limited.”

The customers in Wollongong also have varied tastes, according to Nadia.

“People especially like their new releases here, also TV Drama and TV Crime, and we have a lot of BBC customers too, now there are no more ABC stores in the area.”

Blu-ray sales have also been steadily increasing, she says. “Wollongong was part of a demographic that didn’t really take to Blu-ray at first, but it has been picking up in the last few years. The demographic is becoming a lot younger, and they’re more into it.”

The recent Mother’s Day trade saw The Greatest Showman and Fifty Shades Freed flying out the door. “Also Outlander, and Big Little Lies is making a killing at the moment in TV Drama. Jumanji and Darkest Hour have been doing really well, too.”

Having been with JB for four and a half years, Nadia says she’s like a kid at Christmas time when it comes to new releases and TV series. “I love merchandising everything and playing with all the new stock. It’s exciting, like unwrapping at Christmas.”

And with two children of her own, she’s rapidly running out of space at home to display her disc collection. “It’s come to elimination time now. Some are classics that you have to keep, for the covers and physical copy, but it’s also time to hand some down to someone who wants to watch something new. Otherwise they’d need a whole room to themselves.”