We break down the Beasts in Fantastic Beasts so you don’t have to.


Obsessed with shiny things, the Niffler is Scamander’s initial undoing when it escapes from his suitcase in New York. It is a small rodent-like beast with a long platypus snout, clawed toes and thick black fur. A Niffler’s belly pouch has a far greater volume than outwardly appears.


The Thunderbird is a giant, multi-winged avian beast, of similar genetic makeup to the phoenix. Native to the Arizona desert, it can sense danger approaching and can summon storms when it flies.


Scamander cares for several Bowtruckles, but has a special friendship with one he names Pickett. A Bowtruckle is a palm-sized, stick insect-like creature, gentle in temperament, and operates as a guardian for its tree home.


A gentle creature, the Demiguise looks like a small monkey and is covered in long silver hair. It can make itself invisible and also has clairvoyant powers, which makes it difficult to catch.


An enormous beast with a tough leathery hide capable of repelling most charms and curses, the Erumpent is an African creature which closely resembles a rhinoceros. Its single glowing nose-horn is capable of piercing metallic objects, and contains a detonative fluid. The Erumpent is endangered due to the creatures accidentally blowing themselves up.


Native to India and the Far East, the Occamy can grow or shrink in size to fit the space available to it. It resembles a snake with a bird’s head, and has long purple wings. It’s eggs are incredibly valuable, as they are composed of pure silver.


Scamander cares for a herd of Mooncalves – shy, long-necked quadrupeds with bulging eyes and pale grey skin, who will only emerge from their burrows during a full moon.


This bright blue Australian insect has a long stinger; anyone stung will suffer dizziness and temporary levitation. It’s rapid flying speed makes it difficult to spot.


The Murtlap is an ocean-dwelling, four-legged beast with finger-like growths on its back, resembling a sea anemone’s tentacles.