Danny Trejo returns as the Devil’s Outlaw, Guerrero, in horror-western Dead Again in Tombstone.

“Did you see me on the buffalo?” asks Danny Trejo when STACK tells him how much we enjoyed Dead Again in Tombstone, the sequel to 2013’s Dead in Tombstone which starred the ubiquitous actor as undead gunslinger Guerrero – the Devil’s bounty hunter.

We sure did. The sight of Danny Trejo astride a buffalo is a special thing, and one of the show-stopping moments of this bigger and bloodier sequel. It’s a scene destined to be an iconic Trejo moment – and it’s also a groundbreaking one, according to the man himself.

“Nobody in Hollywood has ever done it. Riding on a buffalo is kind of like sitting on a Cadillac,” he explains. “They’re massive. You don’t really know how big they are until you get near one.”

We’ll leave you to discover exactly how Trejo winds up on the back of a bison in Dead Again in Tombstone, which finds Guerrero back from Hell to prevent a relic that can raise the dead from falling into the hands of Jake Busey and his posse.

Guerrero is a character one imagines was written with Trejo in mind.

“The director Roel Reiné said, ‘that’s a role right for you,” recalls Trejo. “I love that character because he’s a good bad guy, really. He has to save the town from zombies and everything, but he’s still made a deal with the Devil.

“It’s a great cowboy movie, and a great story,” he continues. “And he doesn’t die, so he can come back and fight more monsters.”

“Nobody in Hollywood has ever done it. Riding on a buffalo is kind of like sitting on a Cadillac”

Horror-westerns can be a difficult mix to get right, but Trejo promises that Dead Again in Tombstone is a successful blend of both genres. Moreover, he reveals he’s become a hero to horror fans since starring in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino cult movie From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).

“When I go to the horror fests and Comic-Cons and stuff, all the horror people love me for the movies I’ve done. From Dusk Till Dawn was like the Holy Grail of monster movies. They love that!”

With over 300 credits to his name, and over 20 films currently in various stage of production, Trejo is as busy as ever. He even turned up in a Slayer music video recently.

“It’s so funny,” he laughs. “When I was going up to see Slayer, my daughter was with me. Slayer jumped up and said, ‘Wow. Trejo!’ and my daughter says, ‘Wow, dad. You really are cool!’ So it took Slayer to make me cool with my daughter.”

We need no convincing from Slayer, however. It goes without saying that Danny Trejo has always been cool – and a gentleman to boot, offering STACK an invitation we simply cannot refuse.

“If you’re in LA, make sure you stop at my restaurant, Trejo’s Cantina. Dinner’s on me.”

Tacos with Trejo? We’re there!

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