STACK spoke to an enthusiastic Jason Mewes prior to his Supanova debut in Brisbane and Adelaide this month.

Being his first Australian convention appearance, Mewes, the actor best known as Jay alongside Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob, has no idea what to expect from fans Down Under. “I’m very excited ’cause Kevin and I have been [to Australia] twice now with [live podcast] Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and both were amazing experiences,” he recalls. “But we do the show and then leave the next day. So I’m excited to get to explore Australia ’cause we have the convention one weekend and then I have five days before the next weekend to really explore. But the convention itself, I’m excited to see the set ups, the vendors and how similar they are to cons in the States, and all the toys and all that good stuff. And of course the people.

“A big part of the convention is definitely getting to meet all the people and getting to hear great stories,” he adds. “People will come up and talk about being in the military and when they were out in Iraq or wherever they were stationed. And when it was really rough, they watched Jay and Silent Bob every night and it helped them get through their tour. So just stuff like that has been amazing at these cons.”

But it’s not all podcasting and conventions for the Mewes and Smith duo. They have a number of film projects up in the air after one slight set back. “As of right now, Clerks 3 has sort of been pushed because Jeff Anderson (aka Randal) said he was busy for the next two years,” Mewes reveals. “The script was amazing anyway and I don’t want to give it away. It honestly would have been so much fun, and I was so bummed when it got shelved.

“Kevin has written Mallrats 2 and we were really looking to get some financing and stuff for that. And then of course Moose Jaws, which Kevin wrote as part of the Canadian trilogy. The True North Canadian Trilogy [includes] Tusk and Yoga Hosers and next will be Moose Jaws, which will have Jay and Silent Bob in it.”


Beyond Jay and Silent Bob, Mewes continues to skip down the directing path, having already helmed music videos, a short film and a PSA. “I am actually directing my own movie now,” he exclaims. “I just finished day five of shooting out here in LA for Madness in the Method and we’ve had some really cool people jump on board – Danny Trejo, Dean Cain, Judd Nelson, Casper Van Dien from Starship Troopers. Of course, Kevin does a couple days in there. It’s been amazing. I’m having so much fun, I really am.”

Mewes also shares his love for television, however he doesn’t see himself being a lead TV actor anytime soon. “I love The Flash, but let’s say in some strange universe I got the lead as Barry Allen,” he laughs. “I don’t think I would enjoy the show as much if I was playing Barry Allen because I wouldn’t want to sit and watch myself every episode.”

You can catch up with Jason Mewes, who’s waiting to hear your stories, at Supanova in Brisbane (Nov 11-13) and Adelaide (Nov 18-20).