star_trek_beyond_dvdCoinciding with this year’s 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Karl Urban reprises his role as Bones for a third time in Star Trek Beyond.

New Zealand-born Urban, 44, has long been a fan of the sometimes cheesy cult series. “I watched it on TV as a kid with my dad and I always loved those characters and seeing how they all overcame their differences to work together and achieve success in any given situation,” he says. “Star Trek, to me, has always been a cult of personality over science fiction.

“Beyond that, I always responded to Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic vision of the future. We have so many dystopian versions of that, so to see a version of humanity that has moved beyond internal conflict and is now united and out there in search of knowledge and exploration, and working at its best… I think that connects a lot of people.”

Urban believes he has a better understanding of Bones than when he debuted the character seven years earlier.

“I have a lot more similarities to his life now. When we first meet Bones he’s just been through a horrendous divorce and is turning to his last option, which is to go out into space and, in doing so, he becomes part of this new family,” says the father of two, who separated from make-up artist Natalie Wihongi two years ago.

“So now, in my life, I have some sort of understanding of those elements and what it’s like, and as a result you get a much more well-rounded character.”

The Kiwi actor reunites with Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for this latest Starship Enterprise voyage, and with close friend and cast-mate Simon Pegg [Scotty] now on board as a co-writer, expect lots more of Bones in Star Trek Beyond.

“I think that was directly in response to the fans wanting to see more of Bones.,” he notes.

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