The aca-awesome trilogy comes to an end with Pitch Perfect 3. We spoke with Brittany Snow – aka Chloe – about her experience over the three films.

The Pitch Perfect series follows a group of musically-gifted girls – from college and beyond – whose love of singing has created a strong bond.

Chloe (Brittany Snow) is the first friend Beca (Anna Kendrick) makes when she arrives at Barden University, and the two become inseparable. If you ask Snow, she never dreamed that that first movie six years ago would lead to a trilogy.

“We all knew going into the first film that there was something special there – amongst the cast,” she gushes over the phone from Sydney.

“Our chemistry and senses of humour were so different that they aligned really well when we worked together. Of course we never thought we’d be together for six years – and that’s amazing! It seems like just yesterday that I met these girls and now they’ve become some of my closest friends.”

Chloe started out with Beca at Barden, stayed back a year at the University so she could still compete with the girls again in the second film, and then attempted to embrace the inner calling of a veterinary career after college. It’s safe to say she’s come a long way.

“[Chloe’s] had the roughest time when it comes to growing up and understanding that there’s a point in your life when it’s necessary for you to move on,” offers Snow on the concept Chloe really struggled with. “I think that she has a really nice arc in that she’s always the one that convinces the girls to work together and believes in the family of girls. And though you’re all changing and growing up and doing your own things, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go your separate ways, and Chloe gets that.”’

Things get a little more interesting for Chloe in Pitch Perfect 3 when she meets Chicago – the host for the girls while they’re on their army base tour – and things start to heat up in the Windy City.

“Chicago is this guy that is guiding them around the USO base – he’s basically the tour guide of the group.” We can hear her smiling. “It’s good for Chloe to be able to move on from loving a cow a little bit too intimately [all part of vet school, of course] to an actual human.”

Until Pitch Perfect 3, we hadn’t really seen Chloe in this type of relationship. “It was really fun for me to be able to play. It also worked out really well, because I was friends with Matt [Lanter, who plays Chicago] before we started filming, so it was great to be able to do some improv with him.”

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